Michigan Clothing Musts: Rep your favorite state with these purely Mitten brands

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If there is one thing we all know to be true, it’s that Michiganders love to show off their pride for their Great Lakes State. From coffee mugs to keychains, hats and jewelry, you can always spot a Michigan native—insert state outline in place of the “a”—based on the Mitten related items that adorn them. We all know you can never have enough Michigan love, so here are a few Michigan made clothing brands that will help you bring your dedication to our pleasant peninsulas to a superior—pun intended—level.

Ardent Ink

A one man shop that was born in Michigan, Arden Ink was started in the summer of 2015 and has been growing ever so rapidly since.  The creator and owner, who grew up in the business of printing, wanted to deliver designs that had yet to be seen to the Michigander population—and he is succeeding. Arden Ink captures the aesthetic and vibe of the state with simplistic outdoor inspired design graphics and a playful use of letterings and fonts. You can find an array of clothing items like rain jackets, baseball tees and even a onesie for the newly born Michigander in your life. So go get some Ardent Ink and show some Michigan love. https://www.ardent.ink

High Five Threads

Started by two friends, Lance Hill and Byron Pettigrew, High Five Threads is an ode to the Michigan Hands—often used as a map to show off where you grew up in the Great Lakes State. High Five Threads currently operates out of Traverse City where they have two brick and mortar stores. They also have a plethora of stockists around the state that carry their designs and an awesome online shopping site. The playful “high five” hands make for an exciting T-shirt, rocks glass, sweatshirt, and notebook design, among many other seasonal collections. https://www.highfivethreads.com/

Yooper Shirts

If you are lucky enough to call yourself a Yooper, chances are you already own multiple items from Yooper Shirts. Jeremy Symons, the owner, designer and a Yooper native, started Yooper Shirts as an online platform in December of 2009. After almost two years of selling online and having great success, Yooper Shirts took to opening a store which is now located in downtown Ishpeming. Yooper Shirts offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories for not only the Yooper, or Yoop lover, but also for the downstate Michiganders out there that might not understand the “Camp Life” or “Home Of Da’ Pasty” shirts—#JustYoopThings. Either way, go checkout Yooper Shirts to rep your love for both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. https://www.yoopershirts.com


Up until 2006, M22 was most notably known as the 116.651 mile-long highway that follows the Lake Michigan shoreline through the Leelanau Peninsula. Today we know M22 as the brand based in Traverse City. We see the M22 bumper stickers on cars all around the state, sweatshirts worn around the country, and a hefty Instagram following. Founded in 2006 by two brothers from the Leelanau Peninsula, Matt and Keegan Myers, M22 became a full fledged lifestyle brand selling clothing, advocating for land conservation and engaging the community beyond M22 lines. As much as we love cruising down M22, we love the apparel as well. https://m22.com/


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Hannah Bullion is a junior professional writing major with an interest in all things new media. She hopes to flee the Midwest and pursue a career in fashion in New York City. She is also the social media director for MSU’s fashion and lifestyle publication, VIM Magazine, and an intern for the College of Arts & Letters. Keep up with her on Twitter (@hannahmbullion) and Instagram (@hannahbullion).


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