Movie of the Month | December 2018

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Christmas movies tend to share a lot of things in common with each other. Along with obvious themes such as the holidays and family. Christmas movies also tend to be comedic, appropriate for all-ages and loved around the world. The classic films, those shown every year when the calendar rolls around to December, have another similar trait among them; they’re usually old.

Think about your favorite Christmas movie and you’ll see that it’s true. Home Alone was made in 1990, A Christmas Story in 1983 and The Santa Clause in 1994. The dates go back even further with It’s A Wonderful Life and Miracle On 34th Street, and a pattern begins to emerge. For a Christmas movie to be a classic it almost has to be old; as if age gives the movie its stature as a cherished film to be watched every year.

The movie of the month I present to you bucks this trend. Not only is it (relatively) new, but I’d argue that it can hold its own against the likes of any of those films before it. I’m talking, of course, about Elf.

Released in 2003, Elf follows Will Ferrell as the character Buddy as he struggles to fit in as one of Santa’s elves at the North Pole. Unfortunately for him, Buddy is not an elf, but in fact an orphan that accidentally got stuck in Santa’s bag and was raised without knowing what he truly was. When Buddy finds out the truth, he sets off to New York City to try and find his human parents and connect with his biological family.

It’s funny, sad and something I bet all of you have seen. That’s probably the best argument for it as a classic anyway. If I mention the movie Elf, you probably know what is going on, have seen it multiple times and wouldn’t mind watching it again curled under a blanket as it snows outside. Though it isn’t as synonymous with Christmas as some of the others listed above,  Elf is still a classic, even without the age and tradition.

Maybe it just feels that way to my family, as my mom throws it on the television during Thanksgiving. Either way, it’s good enough to be the Movie of the Month and is well worth a reminder about during December.


Caleb Edwards is a junior studying professional writing with a focus in editing and publishing. When he isn’t working or writing you can find him tending his fish, taking care of his cats or trying to find free time that he can waste (there never is any). You can follow him on Twitter @CEdwardsSam

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