MSU Cafeteria Creations: Fountain Drinks Edition

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Say what you will about the taste and variety of the cafeteria foods, or which cafeteria is the best on campus, but there is one thing that I’m sure you haven’t ranked in your mind: the drinks. When I say drinks, I don’t mean a single cup from the fountain drink selection — I mean a mixture of different fountain drinks that creates either a mind-blowing cocktail of flavors or an awful cup of disappointment. Regardless, it’s fun to express our inner mad scientists and mix every drink from the fountain into one cup. Don’t worry if you’re afraid of making a bad drink, because we’ve got you covered. Here are some student-submitted recipes that can help get you started.

What Are Ya’ Doin in My Swamp?

No, the thick green substance isn’t actually from his swamp. However, this mixture contains one-third coke and two-thirds blue Powerade. Don’t let the color turn you off; it’s surprisingly good.

East Lansing Iced Tea

A classic iced tea, but with a big twist. All you have to do is mix equal parts Mello Yello, pink lemonade and Coke. Although there may be a slight absence of tea in this recipe, just one sip could be enough for you to throw the common laws of tea-making out the window.

Purple Drank

A refreshing blend of berries. Pour the cup halfway with blue Powerade, then pour in a third of the cup with acai berry-blueberry-pomegranate Vitamin Water. Top off the cup with Sprite to liven up the flavors and enjoy.

Orange and Orange

An easy level up for those orange soda enthusiasts out there. Simply blend half a cup of orange juice with half a cup of Fanta orange soda. While both flavors are essentially orange, the two drinks create a much smoother orange soda.

Gamma Ray

If the thick green swamp water was too intimidating for you, maybe a neon green concoction will suit you better. Start by pouring a cup halfway with Mello Yello, then add one-third of a cup of either Sprite or sparkling water, depending on your sweetness preferences. Finish off the drink with a splash of blue Powerade, or just enough to make the drink turn neon green.


Ngai Lum (Ben) Neoh is a senior double majoring in psychology and kinesiology pursuing a career in sport psychology. However, he is a firm advocate of finding multiple passions, especially those that are expressive. If he’s not running around MSU’s campus, you can find him sneakily obsessing over pictures of pugs.

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