New Da Vinci: This Charming Comic Will Inspire You

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New Da Vinci is a story about adventure, self-discovery and friendship. Written and drawn by Kevin Bailey, New Da Vinci features a pleasant color palette, a charming art style and charismatic storytelling. The comic follows Bud, an aspiring author, and his friend Mouse as they travel cross-country to deliver an acquaintance’s motorcycle.



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In their adventures, Bud searches for inspiration to write his book, and Mouse tags along to support his friend. But when a police officer stops them for having too many people on a motorbike, Bud becomes so focused on continuing the adventure and writing a great book that he leaves Mouse behind!



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When Bud finally gets to California, he realizes that not only does the ocean seem to go on forever, he has a lot to learn before he can write the book of his dreams.



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My favorite panels of the comic reveal Bud’s eagerness to keep trying new things. He asks Mouse to give him a challenge: climbing into a tree hole. When Bud completes the challenge, he simply says, “So this is success.” These are my favorite panels because they inspire me to search for new challenges of all kinds, and then celebrate my successes no matter how silly they are.



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Bailey also created a playlist on Spotify to accompany New Da Vinci. This eclectic mix of songs reflect the thoughts and feelings found within the story.

About the Author

Bailey has an impressive background. He is a 2015 graduate from NYU and was a storyboard artist/revisionist on Disney’s PICKLE AND PEANUT, a popular animated show on Disney XD. Bailey is a director/animator at Genius Orbit INC, and a storyboard artist, writer and cartoonist based out of Pasadena, California. You can view all his work, including New Da Vinci, on his website,

Bailey is working to release New Da Vinci in book format. Be sure to follow Bailey on Instagram, @jivestturkeys, to read through parts of the comic and to see any updates about when the book will be released!

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