Nine Things We Can’t Believe We Did Freshman Year

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We’ve all been there—looking back on freshman year of college thinking, “I can’t believe I actually did that.” Well guess what? You did! And you thought it was The. Coolest. Thing. Ever. Thankfully, you’re wiser now and can look back on those times, shake your head, count it as a learning experience and move on. That’s the beauty of freshman year: it’s your time to live and learn.

So let’s get at it: here are nine things you may or may not regret doing during your freshman year of college.

  1. Going to frat parties every single weekend – The sticky floors, the blaring music, the unidentifiable liquids…

  2. Going out on Halloween in a skimpy costume when it’s blizzarding out – JUST WEAR A COAT.

  3. Drinking Four Lokos – How are these even still legal?!  

  4. Getting a moped when you live on campus – Only acceptable if you have a class in Vet Tech and live in Brody.

  5. Bragging about pulling an all-nighter – Let’s face it, you probably only spent 15 percent of that time actually studying/doing homework. The rest of it was spent scrolling mindlessly through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on repeat.

  6. Going to Life In Color/paint parties – You get paint in your eyes every time and can barely enjoy the party because you’re complaining about said paint in eyes the entire time!

  7. Thinking failing exams was cute – This is pretty self-explanatory. There’s nothing impressive about *almost* failing your classes.

  8. Throwing “parties” in the dorm – Unless the goal is to get your RA called on you, there’s just nothing charming about more than four people crammed inside a 10-by-10 foot space. Find friends with houses.

  9. Getting four plates of food every time you went to the caf – Just kidding. We have no regrets about doing this. The caf is a magical place. We actually highly suggest still doing this as often as possible.

Hannah Bullion is a senior professional writing major with New York City dreams. She is also the Editor In Chief of MSU’s fashion publication, VIM Magazine, and an intern for the College of Arts & Letters. Keep up with her on Instagram (@hannahbullion).

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