Omi Sushi: The Best Sushi in Town

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Located in the heart of East Lansing on M.A.C Ave, Omi Sushi offers some of the most savory dishes as well as the freshest sushi in the Lansing area. With 10 plus years of experience serving classic Asian fare and delicious house roles, Omi Sushi is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that has become an East Lansing favorite for those that enjoy authentic Japanese food. Its sleek look and modern vibes provide a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re in the mood for a handroll, bento box or even a chicken teriyaki dish, Omi has you covered with its extensive, decently priced menu with varying entree options and sushi choices.   

I’m a sushi connoisseur myself (yes, I consider sushi a main food group), and Omi Sushi has been satisfying my sushi needs for about four years now. The service is quick, the staff friendly and helpful. Each time I walk through the doors, I am greeted with a smile and escorted to my table promptly. Even when the restaurant is packed with hungry customers, the appetizers come out within minutes and the rolls and entrees quickly follow.

In my opinion, every dish you try will be delicious. But here are some of the must-haves if you are unsure of what to order the next time you visit.

Sushi Rolls

This is a sushi place, of course, and naturally the sushi rolls are to die for. From the traditional california rolls to the delectable specialty rolls, each roll has a unique flavor that is accompanied by some of the freshest fish in Lansing. If you’re feeling adventurous, I recommend the Las Vegas roll. This festive roll contains tuna, salmon, tilapia and cream cheese, and is then breaded in panko and deep-fried with vegas sauce. If you’re looking to eat something with more seafood, try the Rainbow Roll. It has crab salad and avocado topped with assorted sashimi.


Accompanied by your choice of soup or salad, the noodle dishes offered at Omi Sushi are that of classic Japanese cuisine. With thick wheat flour noodles and steaming broth, the many udon options are great choices if you want something that is filling yet contains variety within its mix. There are ramen bowls, as well!  


Also recognized as hot pots, Nabemono are typically served in the colder months in Japan, but can be consumed whenever at Omi Sushi. Made at the table in a hot soup, you are able to choose from a variety of cooked ingredients that you want in the pot. These tasty meals are on the expensive side, but are definitely worth it if you are looking for more authentic food.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Omi Sushi and experience some of the best Japanese cuisine in town!



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