Pass on the Gas: Less Farting and a Little more Walking

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333 million tons.

Why did I just give you a number with nothing surrounding it, no information regarding it and no notion of what it is? 333 million tons of anything is either a lot of good, or a lot of bad. Hint: it’s the latter.

Think about that number for a minute. 333 million tons.

I’ll offer you another tidbit: that’s per year and only in the United States and only by cars.

Do you know where this is going?

333 million tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere by cars every year only in the United States. That’s a HUGE number. Climate Change is real, people. And while we have passed our Greenhouse Gas Emission Levels  to try to stop climate change, according to the EPA, we can still take action in an effort to work toward a healthier planet.

So to try to combat how bad we have already messed up our atmosphere, there are actions in place like tomorrow that maybe, hopefully, will have some impact on reducing our current rate of carbon emissions into the air, and that means this month features Global Car Free Day.

You can do the same! You can make a difference!

By just walking to work on September 22, 2017, or by riding your bike or taking public transportation, you can help stop that 333 million from reaching its full potential this year!

One day might just reduce our levels of carbon emission by 1 ton, but if you get your family and friends to also participate maybe we can make it more. All you have to do is not take your car by yourself. Ask to drive to work with some of your work friends, pick up some coffee along the way and have a jam sesh before work. Ride your bike and come home in the evening and relax to your Netflix, because guess what? You already did your work out.

So please do your part in helping the Earth; don’t use your car today and help us cut down on carbon emissions everyday.


Veronica Finniss is currently a graduated senior with a Bachelor of Arts in professional writing and a Bachelor of Arts in history. She enjoys binge reading and suffocating under her two golden retrievers and miniature poodle. When she isn’t dying, she loves petting other people’s dogs on the street and eating sandwiches, burgers and carbs.