Podcast of the Month: Punch up the Jam

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The immediate availability of audio-streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora make listening to our favorite music and podcasts a simple pleasure for us busy college students. If you’re like me, you’ve developed a listening schedule to complement your real-life schedule. For example, NPR on the way to class in the morning, Spotify Discover Weekly at work and “Today’s Best Hits” radio on the ride home. And if you love listening to music and podcasts, why not combine the two? Enter Punch up the Jam, a new podcast that combines the best of both worlds: hilarious commentary and music in podcast form.

Punch Up the Jam is the brainchild of hosts Miel Bredouw and Demi Adejuyigbe, who were inspired to start the show one morning yelling the lyrics to “Jungle Boogie”. The show is the epitome of two best friends recording a podcast out of boredom and lack of a better idea, but it is somehow well researched, witty, and entertaining.  

Each week, Miel and Demi choose a popular (often throwback) song, and provide a brief history of the singer or band and analyze the lyrics. Then they make a “punched up” version, which is really more like a parody version of what they think the song should really sound like. Popular songs like “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band and “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates are just two examples of songs that have been punched up by this hilarious duo.

The first part of the show is dedicated to introducing the song and sharing some history or trivia tidbits about the singer or band. The song is then played once for reference, so we enjoy it one last time before Miel and Demi ruin it forever. After, they get into what the lyrics really mean, phrase by phrase, and uncover any hidden messages. Some of the musical questions that haunted us into adulthood from songs growing up like “Who actually is Jessie’s Girl?” or “What is Shakira actually saying in ‘Whenever, Wherever’?” are answered and put to rest.

The second part of the episode, the punch up, is where Miel and Demi create a cover of the song that is truly reflective of the lyrics. Punch ups have taken on many different genres, including one-person shows singing both harmony and melody, and passionate slant poetry. It’s weird. But don’t take my word for it, give Punch of up the Jam a listen for yourself. If you love music, and learning more about your favorite songs, this show will fulfill both those needs and guarantee some laughs.

Punch up the Jam is available to stream on popular podcast platforms, and on their website here:



Jessica Kukla is a senior studying professional writing and minoring in documentary production. Outside of class you’ll find her listening to podcasts, and tweeting at celebrities like they’re friends. You can follow her on Twitter at @jesskuks.

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