PREDICTing this Summer’s Earworms

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A prediction of summer 2017’s most popular songs.

Summer is arguably the best time to discover new music. Artists are constantly releasing hot singles, touring the country in a number of outdoor festivals and dropping albums faster than we can keep up. With a ton of new music to fill your eardrums, picking a personal summer jam shouldn’t be hard. In case you need some suggestions, here are the top six songs we at ing think you’ll be hearing a lot more of this summer.

“Heatstroke” – Calvin Harris ft. Young Thug, Ariana Grande, and Pharrell

Calvin Harris brings together a host of unique styles—Young Thug’s crazed rapping, Pharrell’s smooth harmonies and Ariana Grande’s sultry crooning—into a surprisingly cohesive, bouncy jam. “Heatstroke” is a breezy invitation to let go of your worries and bask under the sun; as Pharrell says, “release, let go, and have a good time.

“LOYALTY.” – Kendrick Lamar ft. Rihanna
Kendrick Lamar certainly has a proven track record of collaborating with some of the industry’s best, and that hasn’t changed with the release of his song “LOYALTY.” featuring Rihanna. The two artists balance each other’s vocal range, half-singing, half-rapping over a catchy electro-pop beat that will have your head bobbing before K Dot even enters in. If there was a laid-back version of Tupac’s “California Love” that captured the same cruising-down-the-highway, summertime vibe, this song would be it.

“XO TOUR Llif3” – Lil Uzi Vert
Lil Uzi Vert brings a pop-punk sensibility to his slick, auto-tuned delivery, making for a morbid but catchy jam with “XO Tour Llif3.” Uzi wails his heartsick lyrics with angst; try to refrain from singing along when he cries “Push me to the edge/all my friends are dead.

“American Teen” – Khalid
As the new kid on the hip-hop block, Khalid showcases his strong vocals on top of an infectious kick-and-snare beat glittered with techno-pop synth melodies in “American Teen.” The track balances the carefree vibe felt during summer with the up-tempo ecstasy of dancing the night away with friends. As Khalid belts “my youth is the foundation of me,” don’t be surprised if you catch yourself subconsciously clinging onto the last bit of adolescence you have left. Don’t worry—we’re doing the same thing.

“Magnolia” – Playboy Carti
“Magnolia” is a fierce and frantic song that has you bopping your head as soon as the haywire beat comes in. Young Carti’s repetitive rhythm is infectious—“In New York I Milly Rock, hide it in my sock”—and the party vibe is irresistible.

“One More Weekend” – Audien ft. MAX
Audien’s latest single “One More Weekend” featuring MAX is nothing short of exciting. The track opens with an atmospheric electronic melody before the beat picks up and grows into a fanfare of horns during the chorus. “One More Weekend” perfectly pairs with the upbeat energy felt during the summer months. It invites you to let go and be yourself, as indicated by MAX’s opening lyrics, “Let it out/We can go top down/Just fade out/Into the sun now.

These sunny songs should keep you jamming all summer. We’ve compiled a playlist featuring these six songs along with other recommendations from the ing staff. Throw them on during a beach day, a road trip or a get-together with your friends. Happy listening!

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