Restaurant Highlight: Green Dot Stables

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Green Dot Stables is a restaurant that started in Detroit, MI and recently opened its first expansion in Lansing. They offer over 20 delicious sliders to choose from, an affordable menu, and cheap drinks that make it any college kid’s dream restaurant.

Green Dot Stables has the cool, laid-back aesthetic of any sports bar: plenty of tables and TVs, a large bar and fun games like pool and darts. They bring a twist to their brand with a horse racing aspect to their decor, making this THE place to be to watch the Kentucky Derby!

When most people think of sliders, they think of mini beef patties. Green Dot Stables takes the concept further with just about any meat you can think of — including a “mystery meat” as well as vegetarian options. Though they’re small, these sliders are packed with flavor. Their affordable price of $3 per slider opens up the opportunity to try as many as you want!

Green Dot Stables also presents creativity in their french fry menu with options like truffle & herb, venison chili cheese, poutine, Cajun or regular. Although they offer plenty of meat, customers can also enjoy salads and soups. Their drink options include just about anything one can think of: cocktails, drafts, bottles, wine and pop to pair perfectly with your meal.

Any MSU student who doesn’t live under a rock remembers the huge flood that overcame many areas of our campus in February. Not only were buildings at MSU affected, but businesses and roads off campus were as well. The building that Green Dot Stables had just moved into was no exception, leaving them with major flood damage. This forced them to temporarily shut down their Lansing operation so they could properly repair their beloved new space.

Although this left the Lansing community without delicious sliders for a while, Green Dot Stables offered a pop-up event on March 10 at the Allen Market Place. The market was jam-packed with foodies who came out to eat great sliders and listen to fun jazz music to support the Green Dot Stables staff.


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