Restaurant Highlight: Tasty Twist

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Because it’s never a bad time for ice cream.

Photo credit: Emily Orlando

I grew up in a small town with not one, but two ice cream stands less than a mile apart from each other. My childhood was built on frequent trips to these two very popular places, alternating between the two of them every other day. I say this not to brag about the booming ice cream industry in my hometown (have I maybe built this up too much?), but to say that I know, and more importantly appreciate, ice cream.

Because of my expert ice cream knowledge, I’m here to tell you that July is National Ice Cream Month. I know that off the top of my head because I’m always looking for an excuse to eat ice cream. And what better excuse than a celebration? With Tasty Twist, an East Lansing ice cream standby, you can “celebrate,” every day of ice cream’s big month.

Located on Grand River Avenue, Tasty Twist has been serving up frozen treats to MSU students, East Lansing residents and ice cream lovers in general since 1957. Known for their low prices and their long list of hard scoop flavors, Tasty Twist has been rotating in a flavor of the week for years. From flavors like coconut, strawberry and creamsicle to mint, blue moon and blueberry cheesecake, customers can always expect something new when they walk through the establishment’s doors.

Like any good ice cream shop, Tasty Twist has its own name for its blended soft serve and mix-in creations: a Twister (of course). With the chance to use a vanilla or chocolate soft serve base, you can mix in everything from classic favorites like Oreo, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and cookie dough to interesting tries like Andes mints, Fruity Pebbles and Nerds candy. With the option to blend in sundae toppings like hot fudge or peanut butter sauce, there are almost an unlimited amount of frozen combinations. Additional menu favorites include parfaits (including a turtle parfait and a peanut parfait), sundaes and shakes. Plus, customers can take home a pint or a quart of their favorite hard scoop flavors.

So this National Ice Cream Month, treat yourself to a local favorite. If you’re like me and you grew up with a hometown ice cream place, Tasty Twist will no doubt remind you of your childhood. If you don’t know the joy of lacing up your tennis shoes and walking to the local ice cream shop, you can experience it this month—and every month—with Tasty Twist.

Tasty Twist is located on 1137 E. Grand River Avenue and open Monday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m.


Emily Orlando is a podcast lover, a Food Network addict and a senior majoring in professional writing with a focus in editing and publishing—in that order.

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