Romance Books You Can’t Live Without

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Valentines Day may be over and done with, but love is never over and done with. There is nothing better than a book that centers around love and romance because let’s face it, there is nothing like a book relationship: You get all the drama, love and suspense of a relationship while never having to deal with it yourself. And who doesn’t love being able to be messy without actually getting your hands dirty? So live the love story of these five books and enjoy!


The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

Take a trip 100 years into the future and live the lives of five different teenagers with one thing in common: love. Avery, Leda, Eris, Rylin and Watt are five completely different teens with their own hidden secrets and desires, but at the end of the day, they only want to be loved. Avery is infatuated with the one person she can never have. Leda is in love with her best friend’s brother. Rylin has a crush on a boy higher up on the financial ladder. Eris has fallen from grace but has found love with someone she never imagined herself with. And Watt is falling for the girl who is literally perfection. The Thousandth Floor is mixed with love, heartbreak, and, most importantly, drama.


The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

I know, I know. The Notebook is so overrated at this point, but that’s what makes it so good. No one writes a love story quite like Nicholas Sparks, and this is by far his biggest success. Allie and Noah strike up a fast and intense relationship that is doomed to fail because of society’s expectations of them, but they continue their relationship anyway. These characters prove that love truly does conquer all. Be sure to check out the movie too. Nothing lifts and crushes your heart quite like Allie and Noah’s love story.


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Not into sappy, cliche love-drunk novels? No problem. This is a bit of an anti-love story, but it’s perfect if love has you down. Nick and Amy are the golden couple that seemingly have it all, but once Amy goes missing and Nick becomes the main suspect, it is revealed that this perfect love was actually hell. Gone Girl is filled with crazy plot twists and characters and proves that even the most perfect of loves can be a lie and that not everything is as it seems on the surface.


Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Of course, a classic has to be on the list; nothing can beat this love story. The characters are what make Wuthering Heights so great. You love them. You hate them. You love to hate them. But most of all, they are overwhelmingly human and express emotions that the reader has experienced. You hate them for how human they are, but you love them because you have experienced their emotions at some point. This is a love story that takes place in a real world that is ruled by society, appearances and revenge.


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This book gave us life and then totally wrecked us. If you didn’t sob while reading this or watching the movie, you probably don’t have a heart. This is another story where the characters are beautifully human. Hazel Grace is a certified pessimist/realist, but if you had terminal cancer, you probably would be too. Augustus Waters rolls with the punches and always has a smile on his face. The two find strength and love in each other that they didn’t have before, and share the beauty of living together. But with a devastating twist, we feel Hazel Grace’s heartbreak because her love is gone, and her hope because Augustus taught her how to live her life to the fullest even if it doesn’t last forever.


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