Running a Marathon

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Google Search: “How to run a marathon”


Google Results: Oh, boy. I gotta prepare.


The bedroom blinds open to the morning sun peeking slightly over the horizon. The alarm is waiting to blare and wake you up, but you’re ready. You’ve prepared for this, week after week, your progress accumulating after each one. This day was circled on your themed, magnetic calendar, stuck on the fridge, months ago.

But preparing for this day is a mental game and a discipline. Regular people struggle to find the allure and interest in such an event. If anything, it’s something that’d confuse your relatives because they just don’t understand. But you don’t care. You’re the type of person to be interested and drawn to such a concept. It’s just who you and your friends are. They plan to meet you early, dressed in the appropriate attire.

Walking out of your bedroom, you’re clad in your self-proclaimed lucky colors, scarlet and orange. Your friends dress in their favorite patterns of color as well. They meet at your door and already they’re jabbing at each other because they’re competitive. It’s the one characteristic that makes this marathon more entertaining. Friends make this worth the hard work and help maintain a positive mood.

The night before, you made beverages and snacks to help everyone stay hydrated and energized for the day. Oh, the thought of the sweet taste of a satisfactory beer is already making your taste buds water. Everyone gathers in the kitchen as you check the weather app. The forecast is absolutely ideal for this event. It was meant to be!

As your friends gather, you see the kitchen’s granite glisten with cleanliness and the lounge’s green and silver blankets washed and folded. The excitement of today got to you last night, and you went on a cleaning spree. All the extra energy had to be used up somehow!

Taking out the essentials from the fridge, the couch welcomes you and your friends as you sit down.

It’s time to start the Harry Potter Marathon with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! A little Butter Beer isn’t too bad as a reward for finishing a movie either.

We’re sure glad the weather was gloomy and damp enough for this…


Madison Simmers is a senior studying advertising management and professional writing with a focus in editing and publishing. You can always find her tea in hand and ready to take the day head on. If not, she’s binge-watching YouTube videos or watching Cheers.

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