Sleep Thief: The Trouble with Daylight Saving Time

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It’s the last day of spring break. You go to bed a little later than usual, still on break time. But it’s okay—you’ll still get your eight hours. Wrong. In the middle of the night one of those hours will be stolen from you by the evil that is daylight saving time.

You wake up angry and confused, unprepared for the day ahead. Why is any of this necessary? Why now? There are plenty of hours of my life I’d rather give away and the one that is stolen is from the precious time when I’m asleep. Not cool.

Ben Franklin actually came up with the idea for daylight saving time, or at least the idea of changing sleep schedules twice a year, which is upsetting because I used to think he was cool. Being on the hundred dollar bill and the key-on-the-kite thing? Cool. Daylight saving? Not cool.

Rationalize it all you want. Tell me I’ll get it back in November. It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to have to readjust my sleep schedule twice a year just because the government chose two arbitrary days to “save daylight.”

What is accomplished by springing our clocks forward, anyway? Are there studies that show it benefits the environment? Does it save energy by making daylight last longer into the night? Well, yes actually.  If there was not daylight saving time we would be active in the dark and thus use more energy turning on lights. So maybe it is a good thing after all?

Saving the planet does seem slightly more important than my sleep schedule. There are other advantages to daylight savings time as well. It can be an excuse to be late to everything for a few days every year. It affects everyone equally, so if you do plan for it, unlike most of us, you’ll be ahead of everyone else for a little bit.

Perhaps daylight saving time is not the evil I once considered it. It helps the planet out as it has been proven to conserve energy in numerous studies. Instead of blaming the government for my messed-up sleep schedule, maybe I need to turn that blame inwards. Or I could just find some other thing to blame for it. I think I’ll do the latter.


Ean Montague is a junior majoring in professional writing and minoring in film studies. Outside of his studies, he enjoys soccer, rock music, sleeping, and breakfast food. He also edits content on the website for the Impact student radio station.

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