Slipping Across Campus

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Commuting in the snow is hard! Here are some winter woes from other Spartans to make your own falls feel less embarrassing

Traveling across a 5,200-acre campus and navigating through 50,000-plus bodies is a challenge in itself. Adding wind, snow and ice to the mix can make the necessary trek even more tolling.

Whether you walk, bike, drive or take the bus, you’re bound to run into some obstacles during your winter commute. Senior Jessica Carroll recalled her own slippery biking incident: “It was the morning after a snowstorm. I took a slow turn, but my bike still slipped out from under me. It was like slow motion; I fell and my bike slid across the ice along with my water bottle that flew out of my backpack.”

Senior Kenzie Rounds also experienced her fair share of struggles during her first winter campus commute as a freshman. “I was riding the CATA during a snowstorm, and the bus got stuck trying to go up a small hill.” Rounds then said how she decided to get off the bus and walk along the River Trail instead. “I slipped on the ice, but I didn’t feel too bad because I saw four other people fall too.”

This winter season, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone has a hard time navigating campus in the rough weather. Even CATA gets stuck sometimes! If you fall, don’t be embarrassed. Chances are ice has gotten the best of everyone at one point or another. If you see someone else fall, don’t hesitate to help them up or simply grab their run-away water bottle. Remember, being forced to brave the elements is just another thing that makes us all true Spartans.


Elizabeth Weitzel is a senior majoring in english and professional writing, with an interest in editing and publishing. She loves to put her editing skills to use as a consultant at the Writing Center at Michigan State. On gameday, you can be sure to find her in the student section cheering on the Spartans.


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