Snowden Memoir to Release Next Month

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Perhaps the greatest whistleblower of all time, and an American hero, will finally release a detailed account of his own story, in his own words. September 17 is the date that Edward Snowden, famous ex-employee at the NSA, will release a memoir detailing his time at the agency and the conflicts that caused his now-famous leak to reporters about various NSA surveillance programs.

In addition to the news, Snowden released a video on twitter giving a sneak peek at the contents of the book and describing his work for the US Government as his “greatest regret.”

The book, titled “Permanent Record”, will “discusses how Mr. Snowden helped create a system of mass surveillance that the N.S.A. used to collect information on hundreds of millions of United States citizens and others” according to publisher Macmillian. Though he lives in Moscow now, essentially in exile lest he face charges of treason in the US, Snowden has remained a strong advocate of human rights and privacy.

Movies have been made about him, awards given to him and his collaborators and he even appears from time to time at speaking engagements via video. To say that Snowden has transcended hero status and become a cultural zeitgeist may not be too far fetched. For all his fame and accolades though, critics still remain divided on whether his actions were warranted.

Hopefully, his new book will shed some light on what really happened and will cement his status as one of the centuries most important whistleblowers. We’ll find out for sure on September 17.

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