Sony’s State of Play 2019 | A recap of everything that was shown

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From small indie titles to giant anticipated remakes, Sony’s State of Play, the short video they created in lieu of appearing at E3 this year, came out on May 9th and did not disappoint. While it may not bring the glitz and glam of a huge presentation at the world biggest video game conference, it gave us enough to look forward to that the entertainment giants lack of presence won’t be entirely missed. If you have a spare 13 minutes to watch it, check it out here. If not, check below for a recap of all the important things that were shown or announced.

Monster Hunter – Iceborne

A Monster Hunter World DLC will be welcome news to many fans, and the introduction we got to the expansion did not make it seem as if anyone would be disappointed. New Biomes, new enemies and an entirely new season appeared in the short video segment promising hours of fun for the giant monster hunting video game. Best of all? It’s coming this year, early in September.


A dungeon crawling brawler, Riverbond promises an indie level experience with a huge AAA marketing budget. With up to four players in couch co-op, the game seems to be a mixture of dungeon crawling and Castle Crashers. Pixel-like graphics practically ooze style and the video also showed crossover skins and characters from a myriad of different games, like Psychonauts, Shovel Knight, and Guacamelee. While we didn’t receive a ton of information, we did get a timeframe on its release. Riverbond will be coming out sometime in Summer 2019.

Predator Hunter Grounds

The trailer for the latest Predator game probably gave a certain population of gamers some flashbacks. Promising an asymmetrical shooting experience where a team of soldiers faces off against the Predator, it’s easy to make comparisons between this game and Evolve, a title where a group of hunters faced off against a gigantic monster. Questionable pricing and dlc prices doomed Evolve, so hopefully Predator won’t suffer a similar fate. We’ll have to wait until 2020 to find out, though.

MediEvil Remake

People who did not grow up with a PlayStation may not recognize this title, but back in 1998 MediEvil was a successful and popular hack and slash game for the PS1. Featuring a skeleton Knight searching to destroy an evil wizard, the games premise was as simple as its gameplay. That simplicity belied its fun though, and if the remake is anything like the original then an entirely new generation of gamers is about to experience a great game.


A game seeming to focus on humanities impact on the environment and wildlife, Away is a hard game to talk about because we just didn’t… see much of it during State of Play. All we know about Away is that you live as a small furry animal trying to survive various calamities. We didn’t even see a tentative release date for this title, so hopefully as it gets closer to release we’ll learn more about this flying-squirrel-raccoon’s story.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

This was the big drop of the show. Four years ago, Sony announced that a Final Fantasy remake was in the works. We had heard very little about it since, with some wondering if it was ever actually going to come out. If this trailer is any indication, it looks like it is. The Final Fantasy 7 remake is still happening, and it looks gorgeous.

Sony even went so far as to show off some of its combat, which was controversially switched from the originals turn based system to a more live action system similar to Kingdom Hearts or Dissidia. It looked great! Gorgeous and captivating. Final Fantasy 7 has (rightfully) enjoyed a reputation as one of the greatest games ever made and, while this remake probably won’t live up to those lofty ideals, it looks like it may not be a total let down at least. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any hint towards a release date, but it’s comforting to know production is this far along and that #DontLevelAerith will be making its return eventually.

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