Soup Spoon Cafe—More Than Soups and Spoons

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The East Lansing/Lansing area is full of local hidden gems, including The Soup Spoon Cafe, located on Michigan Avenue just a few minutes off campus. A few of us here at ing have been loyal Soup Spoon fans for quite some time now and we thought it would be fitting to share with our readers the delights that this local spot has to offer.

Obviously, in order to write this review, we had to visit this excellent little restaurant. Okay, so we may have gone a couple of times, but it was all in the name of research! Just wait, once you visit for the first time, you’ll understand why we couldn’t help coming back for more. Each and every time we went to Soup Spoon, we were impressed with the small-town, friendly atmosphere and the amazing food.

Whether you are looking for brunch, lunch or dinner, Soup Spoon can do it all. Below, we’ve listed a few of the dishes that we highly recommend!

Soup Du Jour – With soup in the name, you know that their soup selection has to be on point. The soup menu changes daily, so there is always something new to test out. Honestly, I haven’t tried a soup here that I haven’t liked, but the chicken noodle soup is a particular favorite of mine. The noodle-to-chicken ratio was perfect and the broth had a great balance of flavors.

Stacked French Toast – This is one of the best breakfast dishes to order at Soup Spoon! The french toast is always cooked to perfection and the layer of strawberry cream cheese is amazing.

Yooper Benny – One of Soup Spoon’s signature brunch options, this eggs benedict is a crowd favorite. Made with wild caught fish, it’s a Michigan twist on a brunch favorite.

French Dip Sandwich – Okay, so I’m a huge fan of sandwiches. Take me to the fanciest of restaurants and I’ll manage to find and order the only sandwich. At Soup Spoon, the french dip is my absolute favorite thing on the menu!

A “Very Vegan” Start – Vegans rejoice! Not only does Soup Spoon offer a wide array of soups and sandwiches, they also accommodate to vegetarians and vegans. This dish is the perfect amount of food with a variety of different flavors. Pro tip: order a side of avocado with it (worth the extra couple bucks, I promise).

So, if you’re looking to broaden your Lansing-foodie horizons, make your way to Soup Spoon Cafe! It’s just a quick trip down Michigan Avenue on Cata’s #1 bus.


Jessica Gibbons is a senior majoring in humanities pre-law with an additional major in professional writing. Her dream is to become the editor in chief of a publication. She enjoys reading, playing with her cat and watching entirely too much Netflix.

Hannah Bullion is a junior professional writing major with an interest in all things new media. She hopes to flee the Midwest and pursue a career in fashion in New York City. She is also the social media director for MSU’s fashion and lifestyle publication, VIM Magazine, and an intern for the College of Arts & Letters. Keep up with her on Twitter (@hannahmbullion) and Instagram (@hannahbullion).


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