Spring Attire

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How to dress when there are four seasons in one day

Springtime is here to shake up our lives. We get a taste of not only the amazing sun but also the rain and possibly even some snow. Living in Michigan means that at 8 am there will be rain and it will be freezing, but then at 1 pm the sun will be out and the heat will be unbearable! Let’s all just admit that this season is much like our plans after graduation, which can be summed up with the following phrase: LOL. But don’t worry much longer! Here is the perfect go-to list of tips for how to dress when the season change from sunup to sundown.


One word, UMBRELLA. No matter the time of day or how sunny it may be, always remember to pack your umbrella. You do not want to be the only one with wet hair and dingy clothes. The best way to go when dressing yourself is planning for a drastic change. This can be done by wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, or even wearing a dress with a jacket. If you go sleeveless, it is best to have something to cover up, just in case Jack Frost decides to visit in the afternoon.

Middle of the Day:

Shed a layer or put on five more. This is when you can really tell what kind of day it will be. It is important to keep your jacket close and you umbrella closer! Even if it is a nice, hot day you can tie your jacket around your waste or even leave it in the car. Having it is better than being cold and looking like summertime when it is CLEARLY freezing.

Night attire:

No matter how great it may be outside during the day, Spring brings cold nights. Those jeans and that jacket will definitely come in handy here! A sweatshirt or a cardigan also works well for the evening because it can be easily folded up to put in a bag or even kept on without making you too hot throughout the day. Cardigans also work for dresses or rompers because they look cute, while also keeping you warm and keeping the bugs off of you!

We all know Spring can be annoying, but now you have helpful hints and tricks to turn what could be a disaster into an eventful day of outfit changes. Because of mother nature, we have no choice but to prepare for the worst and hope that one of these years, the seasons will go back to normal. So go ahead and enjoy your pre-summer weather while fully equipped for whatever comes your way!


Treandra Thomas is a senior majoring in professional writing. Treandra’s imagination has always been huge, and she explores that through writing in her free time. She is shamelessly obsessed with reality television shows and also cooking. You can follow her on Instagram @treandras_world.

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