Spring Break with the Grandparents: A Hidden Gem

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This winter has been long and dreadful. There have been scandals in the news, followed by an extra long January (you are not alone, I noticed too) and the flu that everyone is getting.  With all of this going on, we need a break from reality and a warm hug! You may be wondering how, right? Well don’t worry, the answer is in these four words: spring break with grandparents. We have a whole week of nothing coming up and what is a better way to enjoy it than living it up with the baby boomers?

This sounds crazy, right? Wrong. I have spent spring break with my grandmother for the past four years. While everyone was in Miami, or Mexico, I was at home watching The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal on the couch with pancakes and hot chocolate (yes, hot chocolate because I will never be old enough for coffee in my grandmother’s eyes). From cuddling on the couch, to getting my hair done, my spring breaks have always been the highlight of my year.

Spending time with your grandparents will not only help your stress levels, but it will also give your grandparents something to look forward to. We all know how it feels when your grandparent calls you and guilts you into making false promises about calling and visiting more with the famous line, “you know I won’t be here forever”. This is the perfect time to make up for it! There is always the summer to travel and hang with friends, so you won’t be missing out on anything. Plus, gaining a friend in your grandparents is gaining a friend for life! There are things that I can tell my grandmother that I would never tell anyone else. She’s honestly the most relatable person I have met and, unlike most of the people I know, she has a good heart and great advice. For example, she told me to make sure I have fun in my twenties so that I would not be that parent always getting drunk trying to party with my kids. The jury is still out on whether I am living up to her standards of fun, but what would I do without this advice?

Rather than spending endless amounts of money that you will wish you had when the first of the month comes around, try something new and make your grandparents smile because they deserve it! You never know, one simple week with the grandparents could make all the difference in their whole year and yours as well.


Treandra Thomas is a senior majoring in professional writing. Treandra’s imagination has always been huge, and she explores that through writing in her free time. She is shamelessly obsessed with reality television shows and also cooking. You can follow her on instagram @treandras_world.

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