Surviving a Summer at Home

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With long days and warm nights, summer is full of opportunities. Many people spend their summers traveling, working at internships in cool cities or taking time to relax after a stressful semester. While all of those things sound like dream scenarios, it’s not always realistic to spend a summer away from home. With the help of social media it’s easy to see all of your friends posting photos of their luxurious vacations and feel a sense of FOMO. If you’re stuck at home this summer, follow these steps not only to survive but to thrive.


Remember the Benefits

There are plenty of benefits that come with staying home for the summer, even when it can feel like you’re stuck with rules and curfews. By living at home , you’ll have a chance to save money! With no rent to pay and free home-cooked meals you’ll be able to put that extra cash straight into your adventure fund for next summer. Another great benefit of staying home for the summer is being with your family. Your parents, siblings and grandparents missed you while you were at school and are always down to hang out if you don’t have plans.


Get a Job (or two)

Instead of staying in bed and watching Netflix all summer, use the opportunity to gain work experience. By applying for a job you will be able to meet new people, make some money and gain experiences that you can list on your resume. Some advice, it is to apply for seasonal jobs at ice cream parlors, country clubs or swimming pools. These places can always use a helping hand and when you leave to come back to school in the fall they won’t be short staffed since their season is winding down.


Reach out to old friends

After you’ve graduated from high school, it may not be easy to keep in touch with old friends who attend colleges in different states. If you’re looking for a friend this summer, reach out to someone you used to be close with! If they’re home for the summer as well, chances are your friendship will pick up right where it left off and you’ll have a great companion to spend time with.


Maggie Morgan is a junior majoring in Professional Writing with a concentration in Creative Writing. Hobbies include: spending all of her money on concert tickets, trying to convince Green Day to let her be their friend, geeking out about music history, dreaming of writing for Rolling Stone. You can follow her on instagram at @swaggie_.maggie.