Take a Break from Your Assignments with These Golden Youtube Channels

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As the middle of the semester quickly approaches, the dread of midterm exams is also just weeks away. All-nighters, caffeine overloads and questionably nutritious meals are soon to take over the lives of students on campus. As a professional procrastinator myself, I tend to find myself overloaded with all of my assignments I have put off doing. With that being said, to save myself from going crazy with the hours of work I will inevitably put on myself, I take short work breaks to watch my favorite Youtube videos and channels. Before we find ourselves lost in piles of coursework and study materials, I have compiled a list of easy access stress relievers guaranteed to make you laugh off and ease the stress of midterms.

Cody Ko

My all-time favorite Youtuber still currently making videos is comedian Cody Ko. Originally a star on the app Vine (RIP), his channel contains the funniest videos currently on the internet. Guaranteed for a good laugh, my favorite video from Cody is part of his series “That’s Cringe: Vape Hotbox Challenge Gone Wrong.” It is rare that I find videos that make me laugh out loud, and this video goes far beyond that and into tears of laughter. He is very relatable to those not familiar with the new “Gen Z” generation and trends, as well as those who are do not take jokes too seriously.

Noel Miller

Alongside Cody Ko in many of the funniest videos on Youtube is comedian Noel Miller. The two are a part of a duo act who tour and host a podcast aside from maintaining their own Youtube channels. More cynical than Cody, Noel’s channel features videos making fun of the British TV show Love Island, as well as those cringey Twitter accounts that talk about sex and relationships. Both Cody and Noels’ channels are two that will constantly bring joy into my life. It is mine and my roommates’ favorite way to get a laugh in before we go back into the cycle of constant work.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is a YouTube icon that for the last decade has been uploading videos on YouTube. I remember one of the first YouTube videos that I had ever seen was Jenna Marbles discussing “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking.” Jenna’s current videos are still the same, light-hearted and goofy topics that she has been making since the beginning of her career. She is always willing to poke fun at herself and try all kinds of ridiculous trends in order to make her followers laugh. She never takes herself seriously and consistently posts a new video once a week.

Bon Appetit

A currently trending YouTube channel features the recipes and chefs from the food magazine Bon Appetit. The channel features videos by pastry chef, Claife Saffitz, where she makes gourmet versions of everyday foods (M&M’s, Pringles, Cheez-Its) from scratch. There are some where she succeeds on the first couple of attempts and others where it takes her a very long time to get the creation to perfection. It is interesting to see how the foods are made, and how they would be made if not in a mass-produced factory. The channel also features chef challenges (Blindfold cheese test, knife speed tests) where the chefs in the test kitchen compete on food related challenges. For fans of Food Network, this channel is pleasing and a pleasant way to learn more about food and cooking.

Mama Doctor Jones

Another learning-based channel is Mama Doctor Jones. She is a full-time OB-GYN and mother of four. My favorite series of hers is the “OB-GYN Reacts” set of videos where she takes scenes and clips from reality shows (I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant) and TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy) and reacts to them through the viewpoint of an actual doctor. It is so interesting to listen to her talk about how realistic the birthing and pregnancy experiences are in the TV shows compared to real life. She also has very informative videos about myths, questions, and facts every OB-GYN wants you to know. Light-hearted and highly intelligent, Mama Doctor Jones deserves more attention than she is getting on YouTube.

Safyia Nygaard


Safyia Nygaard is a beauty and style guide on YouTube that experiments with makeup and clothes in a way you would not normally expect. Her videos take an interesting twist on beauty products (Melting Every Lipstick from Sephora Together) as well as home goods (Melting Every Candle from Bath and Body Works Together). She is very unique and creative with what she chooses to incorporate in her channel as far as beauty and style goes, which is refreshing when everyone else seems to be following brands like Morphe and Gucci like they are Gods. If you are interested in clothing lines and makeup experiments you didn’t know existed, Safyia’s channel is right for you.

Vine Compilations


Last but not least, the best videos on YouTube are not necessarily put together by one channel; they are Vine compilations. The short video app Vine was shut down in 2016, but left a giant cultural impact on meme–lovers everywhere. The best study break is simply to find a 20–30 minute Vine compilation of your favorite, old, or “rare” vines that are guaranteed to make you laugh, or at the very least give you a quick burst of nostalgia. My personal favorite compilation is “Vines that Really Butter my Crispy Flake.”

Gabrielle White is a senior English and Professional Writing student minoring in Women and Gender Studies. While preparing to leave MSU, she is working on her senior thesis as well as developing a plan for the world outside of East Lansing. Currently, that plan includes a career path in editing and publishing, as well as the possibility of grad school. Her favorite escapism methods from adult responsibilities are listening to her carefully curated Spotify playlists, reading Slyvia Plath, watching her favorite Youtubers, and daydreaming about London and New York City. To see her obsess over these topics more follow her on instagram @ggwhite98.