Take Some Me Time

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We all know that life can get hectic sometimes, running from work to pick up the kids or rushing the pharmacy before it closes. Whatever your daily stressors are, work to keep them at bay by carving out a little “me time” once or twice a week. These three quick and easy relaxation activities will help you focus on you instead of the items that still remain on that to-do list!


1.      Adult Coloring

thdrxlqvpeThis trend has taken over and for good reason. A small investment in a coloring book that inspires you and colored pencils will provide you hours of creative stress relief. Focusing on the picture, your color selection and the beauty of the final piece will pull your attention away from your daily stressors and refocus you in the present.

2.      Create a Playlist

Music has always had the power to inspire, empower and even (you guessed it!) reduce stress! The key to building your favorite playlist is the thinking about the time of day you most need a stress free moment. Build your list (or lists) depending on the mood you’re hoping to achieve. Create a “pump up the jams” play list to get you going in the morning or a serene collection of your favorite slow songs to end the day with.

3.      Organize


photo source: http://www.arizonafoothillsmagazine.com/afm-style-files/scottsdale-fashion-how-tos/how-to-organize-your-closet-part-2

Now this may sound like another item to add to that to-do list but tackling small organization projects when you’re stressed can give you the feeling of accomplishment. Start with areas like a desk drawer or linen closet, get rid of items that are out of date or not used and reconfigure the items that remain to make finding what you need easy. An added bonus to this is that next time your rushing to find something you’ll know exactly where it is!


Whatever tips work for you, we hope you enjoy a little “me time” this week!

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