The Best Study Places On Campus

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You might not have loads of homework right now, but just wait young one. The mountains of homework will never stop and you will feel overwhelmed. Staying in your dorm or apartment to finish all of it seems like a good idea until your roommate gets you talking about this new show she’s watching or that cute girl at the end of your hall and you fall into this downward spiral that ends with procrastination central and a never-ending Netflix binge.

But at this point fretting isn’t an option, because we at ing Magazine scoped and homeworked ourselves out all over campus to come up with the best comprehensive list of study places that will get your homework done quickly and will make you go ‘whew.’

Second Floor West: The Lib

This is an absolutely essential place to study. After walking around for an hour finding a table, you’ll already need a break from your ‘study break.’ Plus with everyone who won’t stop talking on about random shit, you’ll already want to wring someone’s neck because of how much actual studying you are getting done. The plus side is that Sparty’s is only one floor below and you’ll get to waste another 30 minutes waiting for your food, or even just grabbing a Red Bull to keep you up from the insanity. Don’t forget to come here finals week; you might just want to drop out from the amount of people you see.

Starbucks on Grand River (the one kinda across from Berkey)

Without this little block of building being heaven on earth, how would we ever get coffee and try to find a place to sit while trying to study? They redid the place a few years back, and boy does it mean that you take those little tiny cushion chairs to study when you need one. Because who doesn’t like a $6 French Vanilla Soy Coconut Caramel Macchiato while giving people dirty looks for not giving up their seats fast enough.

The Not-so Women’s Lounge in the Union

While this little quiet study area used to be separated for women (and who knows, maybe some asshole stepped in called it unfair), the large space, known back in the olden days as a grand study (but without the books, unless you bring your own), is now known for its obnoxious noise-free policy—the only good part about it. While it may be noise-free, try bringing in food to eat while you study and you may just want to die because everyone will be staring you down. And don’t worry about charging your laptop, you’ll only be able to stay for an hour because the only plugs are on the lamps, located next to the sofas and chairs, making your note taking a breeze.

The Brody Caf
Last, but certainly not least, this is the absolute most fantastic place to study. With all of the people constantly grabbing lunch or dinner or breakfast, there are so many secluded places you can escape to where no one will disturb you or your 17 plates of food (because there’s no limit if you stay in there right?). You can munch away on endless nachos or sushi and not have to worry about getting your homework done, because all the families who come to visit with their cute little babies will distract you enough that you won’t need to get your homework done. It’s the perfect escape from the nonsense of campus without having to get away from any of it.

Happy STUDYing!

Veronica Finniss is currently a graduated senior with a Bachelor of Arts in professional writing and a Bachelor of Arts in history. She enjoys binge reading and suffocating under her two golden retrievers and miniature poodle. When she isn’t dying, she loves petting other people’s dogs on the street and eating sandwiches, burgers and carbs.

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