The Gift of an Hour | Why Daylight Saving Time is Wonderful

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You’ve been battered by midterms the whole month of October. Exams, projects and essays — all piled on with no mercy. All you want is some sleep or at least a little more time to de-stress.

But then you stay out a little too late on Saturday night. Plus, you have that thing on Sunday that you almost forgot about. You look at your alarm clock and sigh. You can get seven hours of sleep, and that’s only if you fall asleep right now.

Well, make it eight! Daylight Saving Time has your back this November. An unsung hero, it comes in the middle of the night and delays your alarm clock. I’m surprised we don’t personify Daylight Saving with a folk hero, like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. The Daylight Saving Fairy comes to your home once a year to tinker with all your clocks so your alarms go off an hour later. I think it could catch on.

The European Union has backed ending Daylight Saving Time, perhaps the most heartless thing any governing body has done ever. I don’t know what I would do without my extra hour of sleep this weekend. Surely, masses of sleep-deprived college students would rise up like zombies without the aid of the extra hour. Is that what the EU wants, a zombie outbreak? Anyway, Don’t they have more important matters to discuss than an hour of sleep?

Also, who wants to wake up to darkness every morning? I don’t want to wake up and feel like it’s still the middle of the night. Plus, it’s freezing without the sun. No, thank you.

Sure, you can argue that Daylight Saving is evil because it takes an hour of sleep from us in the spring, but who needs it then anyway?


Ean Montague is a senior studying professional writing and film. He is also the Managing Editor for Impact 89FM student radio and enjoys watching and playing soccer, discovering new music and movies, and eating spicy foods.