The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable | Getting Your Seat at the Table

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If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to sit down with your favorite celebrities, The Hollywood Reporter has a series that would definitely be of interest to you. THR’s Roundtable hosts actors, actresses, writers, producers and directors from the leading films and television series of our time to open conversation among them.

With an interviewer posing questions to the attendees, the conversations are really carried by the professionals themselves. Drawing from their past experiences, trends in Hollywood and hopes for the future, these creatives become storytellers (as if they’re not already considered so). Those who tune-in are getting a look into the lives of those who are creating their favorite films and TV shows.

Ranging from forty-five minutes to an hour, a group of six to eight professionals in each field gathers to talk about topics pertaining to the industry and how it may affect or inspire them. Each “episode” is filmed and posted to THR’s YouTube page, but if you don’t have the time to watch or listen, THR also makes sure to post highlights in the form of transcripts to their website.

The series usually gets the most traction during the Oscars season when the most talked about films are represented by someone at the table. While not all attendees are nominated for an Oscar, they are still critically acclaimed and are bringing something unique to the Roundtable. For example, the most recent Roundtable brought together writers of screenplays that made waves this past year.

Those who participated in this Roundtable were John Krasinski (‘A Quiet Place’), Peter Farrelly (‘Green Book’), Tamara Jenkins (‘Private Life’), Bo Burnham (‘Eighth Grade’), Eric Roth (‘A Star Is Born’) and Paul Schrader (‘First Reformed’). All are at different stages of their careers in screenplay writing, and the questions posed in this episode truly reflected that.

Burnham’s film ‘Eighth Grade’ gained major buzz this year for being raw and unlike a lot of other coming-of-age movies. Burnham brought a fresh new face into the world of screenwriting this year, and this Roundtable really showcased that. After getting his start on YouTube specifically, Burnham said that the internet is “a well of humanity if you dig past the surface.”

Another new face to writing, but not unfamiliar to the screen, was John Krasinski. Krasinski is famous for his role on ‘The Office,’ and roles in other major motion pictures, but ‘A Quiet Place’ was his first time writing and directing. Farrelly, Roth and Schrader are no strangers to the game, but they bring a seasoned perspective to the episode. Last but not least is Tamara Jenkins who wrote ‘A Private Life;’ her first film since 2007. She talks about the lengthy processes of fighting with executives to get a piece into production and working alongside directors and actors to see a project to fruition.

The Hollywood Reporter does a great job of bringing together different perspectives and opening conversations between some of the biggest names in Hollywood. If you’ve ever wondered about the processes of making a film, in any department, watching The Hollywood Reporter’s Roundtable would give you the insight, and a behind the scenes look with the casts as well.

You can watch the episodes on THR’s YouTube.


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