The Magic of Couch Co-Op | Wizard of Legend

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Wizard of Legend, a game of close-combat and dungeon crawling, is our game of the month for November. Growing up, couch co-op (or playing in the same room with your friends) was the main way I experienced video games. The competitiveness of in-person Halo Reach matches, the comradery of overcoming a difficult boss together, the hysterical laughter after a major mishap all of these experiences are lessened slightly when you put the distance of online multiplayer between friends.

Wizard of Legend is a refreshing return to that passing era of co-op. A dungeon crawling, rogue-like, magical beat-em-up game, Wizard of Legend provides endless fast-paced action. Available on the Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac, Xbox One and PS4, the game can be played alone or with a friend on a shared screen. For me, playing with a friend felt fantastic and transformed this game from one that I may have rated “pretty good” to now “it’s fantastic.”

This game is not one for all types of players, however. You play as a young up-and-coming wizard competing in the Chaos Trials. The trials are a series of increasingly difficult dungeons, with boss fights spaced equally throughout, that must be cleared before moving on to a final challenging boss fight that rewards players who succeed with special extra-powerful spells and gear. The controls feel fluid and natural, and while the game can feel extremely hard at times, it feels so good once you have some combos and strategies figured out.

In terms of story, there is a light amount of background and lore, but mostly this game is about the combat. If you are looking for a campaign game this may not be for you. If you are looking to claim glory and fame by becoming an ever-more powerful wizard, finding the perfect combination of spells to destroy your enemies, then this is the game for you.

When playing with a friend the game’s difficulty lessens some and it feels more lighthearted, but that doesn’t diminish the triumphant feeling as you and your magical buddy perfectly combo your spells to bring down a legendary fire sorceress.

Customization is a huge aspect of the game as you can choose the outfit, spells and special wizardly relics your hero uses to design the perfect loadout for your playstyle. All of these options are gained slowly by unlocking them in the trials by defeating bosses or by purchasing them in your home base with the currency you earn during the trials. It may seem like it would be boring to keep playing the trials over and over to get new items, but the dungeons are always randomly generated, keeping the game fresh no matter how long you play.

If you feel a yearning to play in-person once again, or you’re just bored on the weekend with a friend, this game can entertain for hours on end. Wizard of Legend provides challenges that are a joy to overcome. Sit back, grab your controller and face your destiny of becoming a legend.


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