Things To Do Instead of Black Friday Shopping

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We all know that Black Friday is the infamous “holiday” living in Thanksgiving’s shadow. And we all know Black Friday can be kind of awful for employees who have to leave families to work ungodly hours, and for shoppers throwing elbows to get the 50% off deal on the latest Keurig or who knows what. But who really wants to knowingly support employees leaving their families during a holiday to work?  Who wants to deal with the possibility of getting trampled trying to buy a new HD TV? We know that we don’t. So we at ing came up with some alternative activities to do instead of Black Friday Shopping:

  1. Call it quits after Thanksgiving dinner by entering a 24 hour food coma, so that you can sleep through the entirety of Black Friday.
  2. Take a Jiu Jitsu class to prepare for the Black Friday festivities next year. We know after those four servings of mashed potatoes that you won’t be in the best shape to get past other customers looking for the same 80% off Vitamix.
  3. Thanksgiving 2: Even though the sequel isn’t always better, it’s still pretty good. Wake up from your food coma and just go ham (because you had turkey yesterday).  Make an even more unnecessarily extravagant meal.
  4. Rewatch all the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades from the past decade, because honestly, just one isn’t enough. Why bother buying a new TV when you could use the perfectly good one you have right now to watch a constant stream of giant, inflatable turkeys, Charlie Browns, and Sonic the Hedgehogs?
  5. Prep for Cyber Monday, because honestly, who actually goes to Best Buy or Bed Bath and Beyond anymore when Amazon Prime exists? And if your food coma is still holding you down, don’t worry, Cyber Monday is there for you.

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