Things to Remember for Your Trip

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Spring Break is finally approaching!

Spring break is a week away! Time to sit back, relax, go back home and be with family or take trips. Spring Break is known for being the time of year for being a fun time to travel for college students. More people are starting to take trips, wanting to leave behind reality and have fun. Let’s be real, it’s the time to forget all responsibilities, relax, forget about the indecisive weather of Michigan and the stresses of life. However, there are some things we should never forget when visiting far from home:

  • Don’t overpack! You’re most likely going to buy things wherever you may go.
  • Don’t forget to turn in all assignments and tie up loose ends at work.
  • Don’t take anything offered to you by anyone you don’t know. People will drug, lace, or spike anything and won’t think twice about giving it to you. Remember once you set it down and walk away, do not pick it up again.
  • Don’t go anywhere alone. We tend to think anything can’t happen to us, and that “those things happen to other people, not me.” “Those things” can happen to anyone, take necessary safety precautions.
  • DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT BREAK YOUR BANK! Set a reasonable budget for your trip. Don’t let anyone pressure you into spending extra money on activities you don’t want to do or items you don’t want. You will thank yourself later.
  • Do have fun. It’s Spring Break!

Spring Break is one of the best times and you should try to have fun. The sunny, relaxation of a beach is well deserved, or where ever you may go! You just have to remember your safety is important, but not everyone will care about it the way you do. Enjoy your Spring Break because when it’s over, it’s back to reality for all of us.

Rockila Young is a senior studying professional writing with a concentration on editing and publishing and a passion for creative writing. She one day wishes to be a published novelist and chief of editing. While having a passion for writing, she loves children and is currently working in childcare. You can follow her on Instagram @r.o.c.k.i.e