Things You Should Actually Spring Clean…Admit it, you need to.

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I’m not sure about you, but spring does actually make me want to clean. I don’t know if it is because of the warmer weather, the feeling of knowing summer is approaching or the need of wanting a fresh start after realizing you already failed at your New Year’s resolution. But by spring, I’m ready to turn my life around—on a small scale—and you should too, especially because I know how all of you college students can be about cleaning. That’s right, it’s a foreign concept.

Start by cleaning out your closet. This is by far the easiest cleaning chore that will actually have a significant impact on your daily life. Go through and evaluate what you truly need and what can leave your life for good. Ask yourself, when the hell was the last time I wore that denim mini skirt? If your answer is circa 2007—girl, that’s ten years ago—toss it! But don’t actually toss it, please take it to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or any equivalent to donate it. Make a difference, even if it’s in a small way! Once you’ve dug in and deep cleaned your closet, you’ll find you have more room for the clothes you do wear frequently. They will be easier to find, and you can start restocking on those new summer lines coming out—please, I know it won’t stay spacious for long. Either way, you’ll feel like a whole new person for about a week, I promise.

Something not all will think of is cleaning your bathroom. Now I’m not talking about scrubbing the toilet and shower—though, if you haven’t done that in a while, DO IT NOW! What I’m talking about is getting rid of all the products you don’t use. Those lotions, potions, body sprays, hair products you thought you needed but didn’t work and the four blushes that are all the same color, yeah, go ahead and part with them. And don’t forget to ask your friends or roommates if they want the products before they meet the trash. Just try not to waste shit, okay?

Now let’s talk about the kitchen. I know some of you haven’t cleaned your fridges since you moved in and stocked it—basically your refrigerator is a pile of expired, moldy food. Check those labels because things expire more quickly than you expect. Also, if you haven’t eaten it by now, chances are you won’t.I’m talking to you—person who brought back mom’s cooking from winter break and just threw it in the freezer. It’s frostbitten by now. Damn, just get rid of it already for your roommate’s sake. To that person’s roommates, you’re welcome.

While we’re talking kitchen cleaning, don’t forget to wipe down that place you assemble your take-out onto a plate. Take a Clorox wipe and clean the inside of your fridge—yes, take everything out and scrub it—sanitize the inside of your cabinets, clean your stove top, microwave, toaster, inside your oven and the inside of your sink. You’ll be surprised how nasty your living space actually is. While you’re wiping down the kitchen, move on to your living room because I know you haven’t cleaned since before winter break. Clean the windows, Swiffer, vacuum, dust, fold blankets and fluff those pillows. Your living space will feel like a swanky resort post a nice spring clean.

And last, but certainly not least, WASH YOUR DAMN SHEETS.

Happy spring-cleaning, and good luck!


Hannah Shaneberger is a senior professional writing major with a focus in editing and publishing. When she is not at home exploring the coastlines of Lake Superior, you can find her spending too much money on the latest makeup, writing abstract poetry and hanging out in tattoo shops collecting new ink.


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