Top 10 Inspirational Movies To Keep You Going

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Eddie the Eagle


For when you feel like the underdog, look no further than Eddie. Based on the real story of Michael “Eddie” Edwards, a young British ski jumper fights for the chance to compete in the 1988 Olympics. It’s heartwarming, tear-jerking, uplifting and will have you on the edge of your seat cheering for Eddie.

La La Land


Did Ryan Gosling single handedly save jazz? No. Did he and Emma Stone act in a wonderful film that brought Broadway and colors only an art major could recognize back in theaters? Yes. This one’s for anyone out there in need of creative inspiration.

Confessions of a Shopaholic


We’ve all been in a place where we’re constantly making mistakes, our dreams are fading and it feels like no one is on our side. The important part is we learn from our mistakes, get back up and get things rightin the most fashionable way possible.

The Pursuit of Happyness


Life is hard sometimes. Trying to be genuinely happy is something that is worked for, not given. Watching Christopher Gardner’s turn his life around is endearing, emotional and inspiring.

The Bad Kids


A documentary following the journey of youths labeled “lost causes” getting the encouragement and help they need to not only graduate high school but overcome obstacles set against them. This isn’t your average youth rescue story. It’ll bring back your faith in the education system.

Wonder Woman


With all the terrible news we hear today, watching a hero that only desires to selflessly protect others from harm is refreshing. While Diana is strong, we still see doubts about humanity. Something we’ve all had. Understanding the world we’re in while still giving our all to make it better, is the greatest lesson to come from this movie.



It’s honest. Watching the phases of Chiron’s life from adolescence to adulthood while navigating identity, sexuality and other internal and external conflicts, is eye opening. Change doesn’t always come within a few days or weeks; it could take years. But the past doesn’t define us—the present does.

Swiss Army Man


Daniel Radcliffe as a farting corpse, traveling with a guy whose life is in shambles is a slapstick, crude comedy on the surface. On a deeper level, it’ll open the way we think about ourselves and others by asking a simple question, “Why?”.  

Lady Bird


For those of us who are going through a transitional stage and feel confused, Lady Bird explores a coming-of-age experience while paying homage to the relationships and environment that surrounds the title character, Lady Bird. She’s a big dreamer surrounded by realists.

Get up and look in a mirror


Sometimes, we need to cheer for others, hoping on the thread of a miracle they’ll make it. Other times, we’re the ones who need a pick-me up. These movies are different but they’ve got one thing in common: the characters move forward. Be like them,get upand move forward. Grasp your goal with everything you’ve got because only you can decide the future. That doesn’t mean you always have to be strong, brave or even motivated; it’s alright to falter, to cry, to scream and shout till your lungs burn. But remember, never stop, not today, not tomorrow, not even 50 years from now. So do it and be great.

Desharra Alexander-Self is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing and minoring in Japanese. Some of the things she enjoys is Tumblr, Japanese/Korean media, video games, DIY beauty videos, free food and finding random things to be excited about (like sheep, mythology and Italian literature). You can follow her on social media under @Queen_Aelise.


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