Transitioning Skin Care Tips for the Best Summer Skin

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As the days begin to warm up in Michigan and everyone gets excited about fun in the sun, we tend to forget about one important thing: skin care. During winter and spring, our skin was constantly exposed to frigid snow storms, harsh winds, polluted rain and all sorts of bacteria bad for the skin. Most people probably layered their skin with moisturizers, masks and serums to combat dryness, flakiness, redness, clogged pores and more. If you found the perfect combination of products to save your skin, you probably felt proud. Now that it’s summer, you’re probably wondering why you’re having skin problems again. With changing seasons, your skincare routine needs an improved update.



Downsize the number of products you’re using on your face. This is a good time to reevaluate the type of products your skin absolutely need and what can be put away for fall. The goal is to reduce the number of layers applied and to use the most lightweight of products. Keep in mind, applying a non-comedogenic sunscreen on your skin during these scorching months is a must. It prevents dark spots and early signs of aging from occurring.




During the hotter seasons, our body perspires more, causing the body to lose moisture and potentially clog our pores. Which means you’re going to have to do a lot more than just drinking water. The average number of glasses of water recommend is eight. But if you rather not drink that many, that’s fine; technically you don’t even need that much. The amount of water your body needs a day is based on your body mass. An easy way to figure out how many glasses you need to drink is to multiply your weight by .5 and divide by eight. For example, a 120lb individual ((120x.5)/8) would have to consume around 7.5 glasses of water a day.



As far as eating habits are concerned, try opting for healthier choices. Start eating more food with a high water content. Avoid food with high amounts of caffeine and sugar. Another thing to consider is cleansing your body. All the junk food consumed from the past season leaves behind nasty bacteria that can irritate your skin and cause other bodily issues. Whenever I feel guilty for eating a pizza by myself or see my skin freaking out, I always drink a big mug of dandelion root tea* with honey. It helps detox the kidney, liver, and bladder, which are connected to our skin health.



The environment also has an impact on the health of our skin. Despite already having products layered on your face, bacteria and pollution can easily seep into your pores on a daily basis. Whether from the air, a person or an item, dirt is everywhere; you need to make sure you wash your face nightly. If you don’t bacteria will accumulate on your pillowcase resulting in breakouts and blackheads to pop up. Another thing to pay attention to is your hormones; believe it or not, they alter with the changing seasons. Make sure your body is getting the right vitamins to balance your hormones out.

*When drinking tea to help cleanse your system, always do research first to find out which body part it works on and a healthy amount to consume within an allotted time.

Desharra Alexander-Self is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing and minoring in Japanese. Some of the things she enjoys are Tumblr, Japanese/Korean media, video games, DIY beauty videos, free food and finding random things to be excited about (like sheep, mythology and Italian literature). You can follow her on social media under @Queen_Aelise.

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