Twitter Accounts to Brighten Your Feed

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I spend a lot (probably too much) of my time scrolling through my Twitter feed. But, sometimes I get the feeling that a tweet seems familiar and then I realize that I’ve already seen it on four other accounts. It can be hard to sort through all of the content that just seems to get recycled over and over and find something unique and entertaining. Here are seven Twitter accounts with original content that you should probably be following.


Emo Kylo Ren (@KyloR3n)

Oh, Kylo Ren. He’s the tortured, dramatic, emo villain we’ve been waiting for. His (parody) Twitter account is used as a sort of personal diary, giving us a glimpse into his moody and hilariously relatable mind that sort of reads like a highlight reel of all of our junior high diaries. That is if our junior high experiences included learning how to use the force and crushing on Rey. The best part? He only follows two accounts: @DarthVader and @HotTopic.

Faces in Things (@FacesThings)

Have you ever seen a face in an inanimate object? You’re not alone. Our brains seem to form faces in everything, and this account points out faces in all sorts of everyday objects. It’ll make you start intentionally looking for faces throughout your day, and you can send them submissions when you find a good one.

Effin’ Birds (@EffinBirds)

One of my great joys in life is beautifully illustrated images paired with obscene words. Basically, Effin’ Birds is the account of my dreams. Their tweets feature classical-style drawings of birds with biting, sometimes crude and mostly NSFW captions. They’re perfect for saving and using as reaction texts or tweets for your friends (or enemies, depending on how confrontational you’re feeling). You can even buy some of their artwork on merch.

Cinema Palettes (@ColorsEffect)

Looking for some serious color inspiration? Check out Cinema Palettes. They take stills from iconic movies and pull beautiful color palettes from them. You’ll never have to worry about not being able to pick a coordinating color set again — the only issue you might have is narrowing down your options. They also credit the creators of the film and the people who worked hard to bring the magical colors to life on screen.

The Good Advice Cupcake (@goodcupcake)

Cuppy the cupcake is like the encouraging, sweet, aggressive best friend you’ve always wanted. The “sweet as f*ck” Cuppy was created by artist Loryn Brantz (@LorynBrantz) and tweets supportive messages to help you get through your day. She doesn’t beat around the bush and she’s always on your side. You can also follow Cuppy and her friends on Instagram (@thegoodadvicecupcake).

hitRECord (@hitRECord)

Founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer, anyone?), hitRECord is “an open creative platform, where anybody and everybody can collaborate together.” They tweet artwork, short stories, and photography from members of their platform, along with creative prompts for you to work with. They’re all about collaboration and often ask for people with different talents to help on projects (some of which are for big corporations that will pay you real money for your work). You can also follow Joe (@hitRECordJoe) for more info on hitRECord.

colin firth doing things (@firthactivity)

This account is exactly what it says it is: iconic actor Colin Firth doing things. Have you ever wanted to see a picture of Colin Firth climbing a mast in yellow waders? Or, maybe you’ve wanted a compilation of the times Colin Firth has been admired by actress Julianne Moore. Whatever the activity, if Colin Firth has done it, this account will provide you with the pictures to prove it. This is the pure, wholesome content we’ve been looking for.

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Emma Heikkinen is a senior professional writing student who spends most of her time volunteering with middle school and high school students, along with doodling on every surface available. She works as an elementary curriculum writer for Riverview Church, where her work includes design, video stuff and teaching. You can find her at @emheesun on Instagram and Twitter.

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