Underrated Videos of Musicians Everyone Should Watch

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A moment caught on camera, suspended in time, capsulizing each of these talented musicians in a time that not many people these days talk about. So, here’s a short list of videos of musicians that just need more attention.

Adele’s 2017 Grammy Performance – Yes, she messed up the beginning. Overwhelmed at the loss of her friend and fellow singer, George Michael, Adele sang “Fast Love” as a tribute to him at the 2017 Grammys. Swearing on stage after fumbling the words at the beginning, she then stopped and restarted herself to give the late George the performance he deserved.

While there is no official footage of her performance online, some users on YouTube have reuploaded videos after recording the performance on their televisions. The quality of these videos are horrible, but Adele’s rendition of the song is one that still is worth the watch.

Watch it here, or just listen to the audio here.

Prince’s 2007 Super Bowl Performance – Two words: Purple. Rain. What makes this performance even better? It was actually raining as Prince performed. Three years ago, the NFL’s official YouTube account uploaded a video with interviews from those who helped make Prince’s iconic 2007 performance work through the unexpected weather forecast. In the video, it’s said that when Prince was called about the relentless downpour he asked, “Can you make it rain harder?”

While the performance itself is one of the best Super Bowl halftime performances in history according to Billboard, who ranked the set at number one, this specific video talks about the spectacle that was this halftime performance. “I always thought how cool the guy is to rise up, and just get stormed upon, and just bring what he brought. That was so special.”

Watch it here.

Stevie Nicks Singing “Wild Heart” – “Wild Heart” is one of Stevie Nicks’ most popular songs. The recorded version has a fast pace to it and is fully produced with drums and piano—the whole nine yards. The song has strong imagery and lyrics that only Nicks can pull off.

In this video, Stevie is sitting getting her makeup and hair done, when she starts to sing. Her voice fills the room and soon some percussive sounds and a guitar follow suit. She then is accompanied by background vocals singing a version of “Wild Heart” that would never make it to be recorded as it is in this video. The harmonies in the chorus just soar, and just do yourself a favor and have a listen.

Watch it here, and when you will want to listen to it on repeat, here it is for ten hours straight.

John Williams Scoring “E.T.” – This video is longer but on the 20th anniversary of “E.T.” John Williams and Steven Spielberg are being interviewed about their process for scoring the ending of the movie in particular. The end of the film was actually altered by Spielberg in order for John’s vision to come to fruition, and you can find out more when you watch the video.

As a composer, working with the director, raw film and orchestras are all cogs in the machine that is composing. Movies without music are simply not the same, and wouldn’t leave such a lasting impact as they do without the music. Watching a composer and a director work so closely with each other as Williams and Spielberg do is wonderfully dynamic and collaborative.

Watch the music for “E.T.” come to life here.

It’s amazing to see musicians work in the various ways that they do. From honoring a friend, to exceeding performance expectations or simply just jamming to create something that transcends itself, music is a wonderful thing that can span generations and genres. So, finding gems like these musical moments is something to hold on to.


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