Unpopular Opinion: Summer Sucks

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courtesy of Flickr user Calliope

Living in Michigan can be tough, with 6-month long winters and their lack of sunshine. Most people endure the Mitten’s cold weather, in hopes that the summer will bring sufficient warmth and sunshine—and it always does…maybe a little too much? You see, I love the cold weather in Michigan; it’s part of the state’s charm. The beautiful, chilly autumn and dreamy, snowy winter make me proud to live where I do.

Let’s be clear, though: summer sucks. Yes, I said it. The sunshine is beautiful and much needed after winter, don’t get me wrong…but the heat? The heat I can’t stand. For what reason do I need to breathe in 85-degree air on a daily basis? If you’re anything like me, you’re glad that summer is not a very long season in Michigan, and here’s why:

  • Sweating is the absolute worst. Wearing a nice outfit for your family’s BBQ? Ruined from sweat. Spent a lot of time and money doing your makeup perfectly? Ruined from sweat. Want to go for a run? Double sweat. Sweating has its place—in the gym, during workouts, etc. But when I’m just trying to live, I don’t need that moist terribleness in my life.


  • Bugs. That’s it, just bugs. I understand their importance on our planet and in the food chain and blah blah blah. They’re loud and gross, and bug bites stink.


  • Bathing suits are annoying to buy and even more annoying to wear. Swimming is probably the best part of summer, so why hasn’t anyone made swimwear out of comfortable material yet?


  • Lush plants and flowers are beautiful, but I don’t know anyone who enjoys allergies. How much fun can I really have in the sun if my eyes are itchy and I’m always blowing my nose?


  • Temperatures rise, and so do electric bills. It’s not like my salary grows in the summer to accommodate for this. What a nuisance.


In conclusion, boycott summer.


Cassidy Johncox is a senior studying professional writing with a focus in editing and publishing. When she isn’t working, you can find her reading, writing, or playing video games (…mostly video games).

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