Video Game of the Month | December 2018

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Deep Rock Galactic is a game of dwarves, digging and dancing to the latest jam on the company jukebox. Alongside your fellow dwarves, you’ll be collecting enough minerals to meet a quota, fighting for your life against a giant, angry space bug and knocking back a few beers to take the edge off of a hard day’s work.

This game was a sleeper hit. I bought it on a whim, it was on sale and the trailer and reviews were good, and I loved it immediately. It is rare that a game has such charisma and charm, but Deep Rock Galactic delivers above the bar. Even without a campaign, this first-person shooter mining adventure manages to build an atmosphere that captures you. The humor is great, the soundtrack is an original dark, 80s synth wave masterpiece and the characters, art style and interactive elements make the world vibrant and alive.

Deep Rock Galactic is a 1-4 player, non-competitive player versus environment experience. Don’t have any fellow miners yet? Don’t worry because the online multiplayer mode will find you some. Choosing from the four different dwarf classes, you embark on several mission types, all of which involve defending yourself from an onslaught of space bugs. Every mission gets you paid, and you can use that money to customize your dwarf with cosmetic items or upgrade your gear.

With several difficulty tiers, the game can be as casual or as challenging as you like. Randomly generated caves, many mission types and an ever-updating mission modifier list — including things like low gravity — make the game dynamic and entertaining for hours of playtime. This is a game that packs a lot into a small package and does it well.

Don’t let the early access tag fool you, this is a polished game. I’ve paid full price for triple-A games that were well behind Deep Rock Galactic in terms of development and care. This game is worth your money. The only thing that even makes you remember it’s an early access game is the dedicated development team regularly updating it to make it even better.

If anything I’ve said has caught your attention, give this one a try. It’s worth it. I sunk 40 hours into it in just a few months and had a blast doing it.


Logan Ryan is a senior English major studying creative and professional writing. He enjoys spending time with his fiancée, playing video games, and cold weather. He can usually be found at his desk doing anything but writing, on his bike or on a hike. Follow him @roganlyan on Twitter.


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