Warning About A Warning

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As most MSU students may know, MSU police sends out an email whenever a crime has been committed, assault of any kind, burglary, or theft. I for one think it’s great that they let the students and faculty know about the crimes that’s happening on campus. Knowing that information can help us keep ourselves and possessions safe, but some others are at a disadvantage. People who are not faculty/staff and students may be left in the dark about what’s going on around campus and potentially around their neighborhoods. Or, maybe you just weren’t checking your email as much as you would during the school year. 


Over the recent summer, the MSU Police Warnings has been being sent more times than the average. Before this summer, you may have received an email informing you about a crime that has been reported maybe once or twice a week. This past summer the MSU Police has been sending warnings out literally 4-5 times a week and sometimes twice in one day. Most of the warnings have been informing us about burglaries and car thefts that have been happening on campus. A few have been to aware us of assaults. People have been breaking into dorm rooms and offices taking whatever they can. 


We only receive information about crimes that have happened on campus and has been reported to the MSU Police. That does not mean these crimes are only happening on campus. Some crimes could have been reported to a different police district or not reported at all. It could happen anywhere at anytime and we need to take the warnings we do get seriously and keep ourselves safe. There are a few safety precautions that can make a big difference.


A Few Ways to Stay Safe: 

  1. Remember not to leave your personal items anywhere you can’t see them.
  2. Lock all doors: cars, house, room, dorm, office, etc. 
  3. Don’t walk anywhere alone at night!


Rockila Young is a senior studying professional writing with a concentration on editing and publishing and a passion for creative writing. She one day wishes to be a published novelist and chief of editing. While having a passion for writing, she loves children and is currently working in childcare. You can follow her on Instagram @r.o.c.k.i.e