What Food is Your Major?

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Food is a part of our everyday lives. We associate it with nearly everything — holidays, people, times of year, geographic locations—so why wouldn’t we associate it with something that also, in a way, defines us? Like our majors. We all know the saying, “you are what you eat,” so keep reading to see if that adds up.

Business: Bread

Not ciabatta, not cinnamon raisin, not pita, but the regular loaf of bread on your grocery list that you don’t necessarily love, but that suffices to make a mediocre peanut butter sandwich.

Packaging: Citrus Fruit

What’s more groundbreaking in the packaging industry than the all-natural, compostable, innovative packaging design that comes with every purchase of oranges, lemons, limes, etc.?

RCAH: Quinoa

Does anybody really know what quinoa is or what purpose it exactly serves? Not really, but it also seems to be popular among hipsters. Does anybody really know what RCAH is? Not really, but it also seems to be popular among hipsters.

International Relations: Anything from Noodles and Company

Noodles is the East Lansing hub for international cuisine. From the restaurant’s authentic Italian dish of spaghetti and meatballs to the exotic Wisconsin mac and cheese, your interest for international relations is reflected upon the international dishes at Noodles.

Elementary Education: Cosmic Brownies

You were the master of trading snacks at lunchtime in third grade. While your third-grade peers were miserable eating ham and cheese sandwiches or baby carrots, you always ended up with the esteemed Little Debbie snacks. So of course you wanted to carry on your best asset and greatest skill into college and your future career.

Communication: Jimmy John’s

With all the grueling, laborious hours you have to spend in the library as a communication major, the “freaky fast” delivery of Jimmy John’s takes the least amount of time away from your studying.

Engineering: Coffee

Not technically a food, but pretty self-explanatory.

Any Pre-Med Major: An IV of Coffee

And even more self-explanatory.

Professional Writing: Avocado Toast

Curating your social media is probably a priority in your life, and avocado toast is essential when it comes to curating social media. So naturally, PW students = avo toast.

No Preference: Mystery Flavor Airheads

No one really knows what you’re doing and neither do you. You’re just doing your thing among cherry, orange, blue raspberry and others.


Leah Boelkins is a senior studying professional writing with a track in editing and publishing. She spends her free time making Spotify playlists, trying to be a good cook and ordering takeout sushi when the cooking thing falls through. Check out her witty captions and mediocre theme on Instagram by following her @leahboelkins.

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