What to do Before Classes Start

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Let’s take a moment to realize it’s that time again; the time to start preparing for a new semester of classes. There has been a trend of treating our hopes and aspirations for the new school year like New Year resolutions, and we know what happens with those. Don’t worry, we aren’t judging you, because here at ing, we understand. Instead of spending your days worrying and stressing about trying to get in the mindset for school, let’s take a second to check out our list of seven things you must do before classes start:


#1 Sleep

We all know that once the middle of the semester hits, all we want is a day of sleep. Take the time out now to refresh and get all the hours you will miss from partying and procrastinating.



#2 Eat real food

Listen, caf food is not all-that. Go home and beg your parents to make that last meal. Go to your favorite restaurant and eat as much as you can afford before your bank account dissolves due to the unnecessary books and school supplies you will have to buy throughout the semester.



#3 Listen to music

When classes start, we often struggle to make time to keep up with new music. Spend your time now making the perfect playlists for the days you need music to get through studying, or even just to take your mind off of the amount of work you regret signing up for.



#4 Binge watch your favorite shows

Seriously, Grey’s Anatomy is amazing and a new season is coming out. Do not be that one person still on season 5 trying to catch up while studying for an exam. It just won’t work.



#5 Sit at home and do nothing

This is very important. Next to sleep, this is something that you will wish you could do instead of going to class.



#6 Read for fun

No matter what your major is, you will be forced to read things that will not excite you. Take the time now to read the books you actually enjoy.



#7 Party for the last time without having a final the next morning

This is the part of the summer where you can party without worrying about anything other than making it home, so enjoy!



Even though classes are starting soon, it is not of the end of the world. Live it up now, and don’t forget to look for your favorite magazine on campus when you are in need of a reminder that you aren’t alone in this crazy thing we call college!


Treandra Thomas is a senior majoring in professional writing. Treandra’s imagination has always been huge, and she explores that through writing in her free time. She is shamelessly obsessed with reality television shows and also cooking. You can follow her on Instagram @treandras_world.


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