What to Gift Your Roommate

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The roommate who is always home

You go to class at 10am, they’re still at home. You come back at 12pm and they’re sitting in bed watching Netflix. They live off of ramen, microwave popcorn and other nonperishable foods so they never have to leave their room for food. Maybe they’re just a homebody, but treat them to a week long vacation anywhere so that you can have some peace and quiet. Because that’s totally in your college budget.

The roommate who is never home

Give this roommate a request to follow location on the Find My Friends app. You’re intentions aren’t creepy; you’re just a concerned roommate and friend when you see them for five minutes one day and then they vanish and don’t show themselves until a week later.

The roommate who goes to bed at 4 am

ZzzQuil, a sleeping mask and sleepy time tea are your answers for this type of roommate. Because really, staying up studying all hours of the night, every night and then waking up every morning at 7am for an 8am class is just not healthy.

The roommate who leaves a mess everywhere

For this roommate—who we have all experienced—get them a gift set of cleaning supplies. Passive aggressive? Maybe, but you’re just trying to encourage them to make the room not look like a tornado went through it. Use a laundry hamper as a gift basket and throw in some dish soap and a Swiffer duster.

The roommate who always blasts music when you’re trying to study

For this roommate, we suggest the latest version of Beats headphones. Or $4 headphones from the drugstore. Honestly anything that will stop them from blasting country music all day will work at this point.

All in all, roommates are hit or miss and everyone has their quirks. We hope these suggestions gave you a guideline on how to shop for all the roommates in your life this holiday season.


Leah Boelkins is a senior studying professional writing with a track in editing and publishing. She spends her free time making Spotify playlists, trying to be a good cook, and ordering takeout sushi when the cooking thing falls through. Keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter @leahboelkins.

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