Which Family Member Am I? – Thanksgiving Quiz

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It’s that time of the year again. The time to give thanks to the ones that we love. We’re not supposed to admit it for some reason, but we love receiving love too. It’s time for family dinners. And with family dinners comes… yes… family. The nosey family who gets under your skin. But the family that you can’t live without.


Answer these questions and see which family member you are. 


  1. Would you be open to hosting Thanksgiving at your home?
    1. Of course!
    2. Absolutely not… 
    3. If no one else hosts, I will
    4. Maybe next year?


  1. Are you attending the family Thanksgiving dinner? 
  1. Definitely, and I’m bringing the Turkey!
  2. Whose family? 
  3. I’m thinking about it, will my favorite cousin be there? 
  4. Uhh, busy, busy, busy… 


  1. What are you wearing to the family Thanksgiving dinner? 
  1. Jeans and a sweater.
  2. I’m not going… 
  3. Stepping Out! Dressy top/button, maybe a dress or nice jeans, and some heel boots/nice ankle boots or loafers. 
  4. If I go, joggers…


  1. What are you doing after family dinner is over? 
  1. Watching movies with the family.
  2. I didn’t go…
  3. Leave… it’s time for the real party to start. 
  4. I might see if I can swing by for a plate of food. 


  1. Are you thankful for your family?
  1. No doubt!
  2. Ok… 
  3. Yes, but I can only take so much of them at a time. 
  4. It’s getting there…


If you answered all A’s, you’re that family member who loves to be around their family, bringing joy and smiles with you whenever you stop by. 


If you answered all B’s, you’re that family member who keeps their distance when it comes to family. There’s nothing wrong with that, but maybe your family misses you and wishes you would come around more. 


If you answered all C’s you’re THAT family member. The family loves you and you love them, but you need your space from them. If you’re around the family, your favorite cousins aren’t far behind – and you can’t make it through the family gatherings without them. You also like to show up and show out from time to time… I see you with your booties on and that fancy button-up. 


If you answered all D’s, you’re the family member who doesn’t really come around the family. You may or may not “like” your family but the love is there. Maybe start spending some more time around them!


Rockila Young is a senior studying professional writing with a concentration on editing and publishing and a passion for creative writing. She one day wishes to be a published novelist and chief of editing. While having a passion for writing, she loves children and is currently working in childcare. You can follow her on Instagram @r.o.c.k.i.e