Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about re-watching a show on Netflix

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There’s no limit to how many shows you can watch over and over and over…

Now that it is summer break, you have all the time in the world to binge watch your favorite shows! You can catch up on current, popular TV shows and movies. But what do you do when you’ve caught up on all of the latest pop culture? You re-watch your favorite “old” shows. Here are some reasons why you should.

Be nostalgic.

It’s common for movies, TV shows and music to remind you of a favorite memory. For example, a certain song can take you back to your childhood vacation, or a movie can take you back to when you first watched it at a sleepover. Sometimes it can feel good to relive your past life through an old TV show.

Refresh your memory before the new season.

It’s easy to forget what exactly happened in a show, and you can mix up shows if you’ve seen a lot of them. It doesn’t hurt to rewatch one to refresh your memory before the new season comes out. You won’t have to dig through your memories to figure out what happened.

Catch moments you’ve missed before

What if you could feel what it is like to watch your favorite show for the first time all over again? It turns out that it can be better the second time. You learn more about the characters and how they’ve developed, catch moments you might have missed and remember the crucial moments that happened throughout the show.


When you have time on your hands, don’t hesitate to rewatch something that takes you back to your past or truly makes you happy. Sure, there are always new and exciting shows to watch, but we are lucky to have these streaming services that allow us to take a trip down memory lane.


Michala White is a senior majoring in professional writing and minoring in public relations. When she’s not watching trash tv, you can find her journaling, making Spotify playlists or eating. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @michaaala.

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