Battle of the Music Streaming Services Spotify and Apple Music are the biggest heavyweights in the world of music streaming. Both services acquired tens of millions of paid subscribers, and they are so influential that it is hard to remember that there are other streaming services out there. Ever since Apple released its music streaming […]

One woman’s strive to increase her happiness The Happiness Project recounts the year of Gretchen Rubin’s life in which she tried to make herself happier. This nonfiction, self-help book shows how Rubin followed many of the rules of happiness laid out by philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and Buzzfeed. She narrowed her project to the elements others […]

Long-term relationships can be daunting, especially for someone who has only ever dated casually or beginning to date for the first time. Taking two lives that have all their own quirks, habits and routines and trying to mush them together never works out perfectly. Leaving your single life behind requires a few other things to […]

Maggie Rogers: the Future of Pop Music, Today On Jan. 18, Maggie Rogers released her first album since the overnight success of her song that went viral, “Alaska.” For an entire year, we waited for the mystery girl who had stunned Pharrell Williams speechless to tell us who she really is. Heard It in a […]

One of East Lansing’s favorite saloons is a hidden gem for millennial brunchers. That’s right, Beggar’s Banquet, located in downtown East Lansing, with the rotating beer list and the ½-off  glass of wine on Saturdays, has surprisingly delicious food—especially brunch. Beggar’s Banquet defines itself as a restaurant and saloon that serves, “comfort food with a […]