333 million tons. Why did I just give you a number with nothing surrounding it, no information regarding it and no notion of what it is? 333 million tons of anything is either a lot of good, or a lot of bad. Hint: it’s the latter. Think about that number for a minute. 333 million […]


You might not have loads of homework right now, but just wait young one. The mountains of homework will never stop and you will feel overwhelmed. Staying in your dorm or apartment to finish all of it seems like a good idea until your roommate gets you talking about this new show she’s watching or […]

I alway knew that I would go to college. Whenever I talked to my parents about the future and what I wanted to do with my life, I knew that obtaining a college degree would be in the picture. My dad used to tell me stories from when he was young and how most of […]

For some, September marks the beginning of a beautiful fall season: crisp air, colorful leaves and new beginnings. For others, the month simply means a return to routine: busy schedules, daily stress and crippling anxiety. But did you know September is also National Self-Improvement Month? It’s a reminder to embrace growth, change and positivity. You’re […]