Being an experienced adventurer in 1995, Bill Bryson decided it was time to start a new one. A Walk in the Woods is Bryson’s retelling of his adventure through the Appalachian Trail. Living close to the trail and having hiking experience, Bryson challenged himself to one of the most difficult hikes in the world. “It […]

April is right around the corner and, soon after, summer! Soon, we’ll be surrounded by beautiful sunshine, warm weather and fields of spectacular flowers. To get the flowers though, we’ll need the rain. April showers can bum out almost everyone, with the constant dreary weather. Even as the air is getting warmer, we can find […]

A moment caught on camera, suspended in time, capsulizing each of these talented musicians in a time that not many people these days talk about. So, here’s a short list of videos of musicians that just need more attention. Adele’s 2017 Grammy Performance – Yes, she messed up the beginning. Overwhelmed at the loss of […]

That’s right everybody! It’s Friday night!! Time to get #turnt with the squad, fam!!! Naaaahhh, but in all seriousness, though, just remember, whether you’re ride-sharing or driving, always make sure you’ve got a designated sober friend. Don’t drunk text your exes. Nobody needs to see that… …or live-tweet your night (your boss might see it. […]