October is the perfect time of year for scary movies but, while there are a lot of options available at your local movie theatre, an often-overlooked place to find a great horror movie is Netflix. Everybody knows about the old classics, but Netflix occasionally adds in a new contemporary. Often, they get overlooked at the […]

Fall Lawn Care Tips

As summer fades away to make room for fall, one might feel tempted to give up on lawn care for the year. After all, the trees are about to hide everyone’s yard under a layer of fiery, fallen foliage. Then, even if one takes the time to rake up the multicolored leaves, snow will completely […]

When I first started college I honestly didn’t think I was going to join a sorority. All my friends had told me that I wouldn’t fit in, or I wasn’t the “sorority girl” type that is seen in TV shows and movies. I decided to keep those thoughts out of my head and went in with […]

Photo credit: Virginia Heinen Many of us join clubs in order to make MSU feel smaller—and for good reason! But we certainly don’t know about all 900 clubs that the university has to offer. Here are a few unique and interesting clubs that our university has that you may have never heard of.   Quidditch […]

Whether it feels like a hot summer day ripe for a picnic at the beach, or crisp fall afternoon perfect for a trip to the orchard — sometimes you just want an apple. Finding the perfect apple is easy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make sure an apple is a good size, or […]