Shopping for new items—whether it be clothes, food or something random—is generally fun. Being able to purchase something that caught your eye and take it home is euphoric. What’s not great? Finding out you bought an item that was overpriced. To think you could’ve eaten out at Chipotle or made Friday night plans, if only […]

If you’re looking for Jamaican art, music and flavors, look no further than Kingston Kitchen of Okemos. The menu features authentic Caribbean cuisine, including Jamaican jerk chicken and pork, oxtail, curry goat, escovitch fish and coconut curry chicken. In addition to these traditional delicacies, the menu also has numerous options that are refreshingly unique, but […]

New Da Vinci is a story about adventure, self-discovery and friendship. Written and drawn by Kevin Bailey, New Da Vinci features a pleasant color palette, a charming art style and charismatic storytelling. The comic follows Bud, an aspiring author, and his friend Mouse as they travel cross-country to deliver an acquaintance’s motorcycle.     A […]

The best part of the second semester, formal, is quickly approaching, and I’m feeling the pressure to find a date. While spring semester is usually full of classes that assign so much homework you can hardly think straight and the weather is almost enough to inspire me to purchase a one-way ticket to a tropical […]

Cool off with these tips to beat burnout Have you been at a loss for motivation, ideas, and hope recently? Don’t mistake these symptoms as senioritis or defining yourself as being lazy. Instead, it could be a case of burnout. According to a Forbes article titled “10 Signs You’re Burning Out — And What to […]