Happy Howl-O-Ween

From haunted houses to scary movies, there is no wrong way to celebrate the Halloween season. However, creating a spooky spectacular costume is a timeless holiday tradition, even for our furry friends. This year ing Magazine decided to take a trip to Old Town for their Howl-O-Ween celebration, a great time for those who like […]

O.J. Simpson. Lizzie Borden. The Zodiac. Bigfoot. Aliens. Demons. Ghosts. These are just a few cases and phenomena that have one frustrating commonality: They remain unsolved to this day. Whether we’re dealing with the possibility of the supernatural or looking into true crime, some of the most iconic unsolved cases of our time continue to […]

The Michigan Renaissance Festival is a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience into a time of chivalry, magic and romanticism. Located in Holly, Michigan, the Renaissance Festival happens once a year from September to October, and every year this event attracts over 11,000 festival goers! From knights, courtesan, gypsies, pirates, fairies, elves, dragons and magic, the combination of […]

It’s a fact: October is everyone’s favorite time of the year to be spooked. We dress up as witches, hang ghostly decorations, and carve terrifying jack-o-lanterns in anticipation of our favorite holiday: Halloween. But, before you pay for 20 minutes of terror at a haunted house or hayride, check out this mostly fictional (but based […]

Creative writing often serves as an outlet of expression. Many authors use fiction, poetry and nonfiction alike to explore their imaginations, their world and even their interior selves. The act of writing can be a powerful tool of retelling and reclaiming narratives, of remembering stories and of creating pieces that entertain and enact social change. […]