I’m going to be real for a second: college definitely is the craziest time of your life. To be fair, college is fantastic. You get to find the major that leads you to your top-choice career. You get to engage in college sports culture and the party scene. You finally get to make your own […]

I used to think watching TV was an excuse for people to be unproductive. I saw it as a black hole, sucking people in against their will. And then I started “Grey’s Anatomy.” I was a junior in high school, with no time to spare — but there I was, watching the TV show that […]

Defined by Urban Dictionary, sad boi hours are “when you’re especially sad for no particular reason other than life.” Every now and then (more often for some) we experience sad boi hours. Maybe you had a stressful week and found yourself in sad boi hours. Or maybe it’s late at night and you are alone […]

Let’s face it, the worst part about working is getting up out of bed in the morning, saying goodbye to your fluffy puppy, and leaving the house. Some days are easier than others, but who really enjoys leaving for work every day? I sure don’t, and that is why I’ve compiled a list of great […]

It seems like everyone in my family’s favorite season is Fantasy Football season. It’s a time when we can all come together and enjoy some family bonding and, much to my mom’s dismay, engage in constant smack-talk about the topic. My league consists of me and nine of my other family members who are fighting […]