Anyone trying to workout and need some motivation? Cause I do. For me, I need something to tell me how to workout, a class, or I need a buddy that knows what to do. Due to the latter not happening because college student’s schedules conflict a lot, I have searched for my solution. Workout apps […]

Whether you’re spending the day studying, meeting with friends or just hanging out, coffee shops are a staple meetup spot. Luckily, East Lansing’s coffee scene is ever-growing. Here is a break-down of all the local coffee shops and their best assets:    Foster: 196 Albert Ave. Perks- It is large and open. There are two […]

Every year the Wharton Center brings a great array of musicals to campus. We all need to take the time to wind down, especially after a week of exams and projects. During the hours you see a musical, all your worries are nowhere to be found as the show brings you in. Here are some […]

East Lansing, arguably the ideal college town, is so well-known for MSU’s campus that it’s often easy to forget that real people actually live there, as well. It has everything a student would need; one could even survive on Grand River Avenue alone thanks to the addition of the new Target. But what about our […]

Ah, tis’ the season of career fairs, interviews and full-time job offers. Right now, you are probably prepping for that final round or blissfully signing away on the dotted line for the new position you’ve just accepted. You’re in good spirits as the weeks of stress and confusion are finally behind you, and you can […]