Ah, yes. It’s the middle of the semester and you’re finally getting used to those community bathrooms or having to pay for laundry in your apartment complex. But the one thing you’re not getting used to? The person who’s sleeping in the bed (or bedroom) next to yours. Lucky for you, it’s already time to […]

Do you dare to enter the weird, confusing, and hilarious world of Nobuhiko Obayashi’s House? This 1977 surrealist horror film performed well at the box office when it debuted in Japan, but only saw American localization and release in 2009. Some would consider it a cult classic, but many have never even heard of it, […]

Squirrels are the unofficial mascots of Michigan State University. They race along the bike trails, hide amongst the trees in the botanical gardens and happily perform acrobatics for anyone passing by. As we go about our business on campus, we notice them with unspoken familiarity. I’d like to introduce you to a few of the […]

Look, the world is a scary place. We all know that by now. A terrible event could befall any of us at a random moment and cause untold misery and shame. While ing doesn’t have the power to make all of the world’s threats go away, we do think preparation can help alleviate some of […]

Twenty-five years after states started adopting Indigenous People’s Day in place of Columbus Day, the city of Lansing dedicated the second Monday of October to the native peoples of Michigan. On Oct. 8, Lansing will celebrate its second annual Indigenous People’s Day. Today, the original cultures of Michigan are represented by 12 federally recognized tribes […]