From vinyl records to cassette tape to CDs, media and consumers are quick to dub these music mediums as dead (or dying). But digging their graves is useless, as vinyl records and cassette tapes resurge “from the dead” and gain new popularity, and CDs continue to show positive sales numbers. Today, tangible, tactile music forms […]

St. Patrick`s Day is a big event in the Windy City. Since 1962, Chicago has dyed the river green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, which happens the Saturday before the holiday, unless St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday then the river is dyed that day. Around 400,000 people come to watch this transformation and […]

I know I’m not the only one obsessed with games. Growing up playing games, it’s hard to fathom people not knowing Go Fish or Garbage. It’s how my family bonded: card, board, video and interactive games. My parents even orchestrate a Euchre tournament occasionally with our extended families and friends. Heck, even now, when I […]

I’m one of those Twitter users who pretty much never tweets. I had my Facebook for friends and family, I decided from the get-go that my Twitter would be a place for me to keep up with people and groups I was interested in. I followed favorite celebrities, content creators, authors, politicians and any others […]

Being from the southern United States and only five hours from New Orleans meant Mardi Gras was a large part of my youth. One of the most vivid memories from my childhood is being on a crowded street in Mobile, Alabama having beads thrown at me from a mime-looking character on a parade float. As […]