If you don’t follow strange tech news as obsessively as I do, then you may not have heard the tale of Franky Zapata and his attempt to cross The English Channel recently. A French inventor, Zapata had created a hoverboard that utilized five mini turbojet engines, each packing over 200 horsepower and able to reach […]

Despite the tidal wave of craft beers and the exciting new innovations in nightlife entertainment, research suggests that young people are actually drinking significantly less. They’re not 100 percent sober, of course, but according to recent studies by research group Monitoring the Future out of the University of Michigan, drinking in teens and young adults […]

Nintendo is no stranger to quirky titles. Their entire business is predicated on being different, but sometimes, something comes along that pushes the envelope so much you have to sit back and think about it for a moment. So was the case with Splatoon, an odd little game that saw you play as a kid […]

“It Is 2019. The United States Of America Are Operating Concentration Camps.” Our news feeds are flooded with images and articles reporting the horrific conditions in U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainment centers. Stories of families being ripped apart, people being forced to drink from toilets and children dying in cages because our government has […]

Prime day 2019 has arrived, and actually covers 2 days this year, July 15 and 16. The event was kicked off by a concert held for Prime members that featured the likes of Taylor Swift and SZA in the hopes of celebrating how great it is to be a Prime member. The problem here is […]