If you don’t know who Elon Musk is, maybe this rings a bell: he’s the billionaire genius who launched a car into space this February. As the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink, Musk is a pioneer at the forefront of creating better technology for the world. He somehow manages all three of those companies […]

Choosing your major in college is like choosing to get married: It’s a decision that will significantly affect your life, for better or for worse. Most people select a major that best suits their personal goals or specific skill set—meaning, most of the people in a major tend to have a decent amount in common. […]

Spring Attire

How to dress when there are four seasons in one day Springtime is here to shake up our lives. We get a taste of not only the amazing sun but also the rain and possibly even some snow. Living in Michigan means that at 8 am there will be rain and it will be freezing, […]

Back in February of this year, the world briefly believed that PepsiCo was going to develop “Lady Doritos”—chips with less orange dust and less crunchy loudness for your delicate, feminine pleasure. When asked if a female version of Doritos was in the works, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi’s responded: “It’s not a male and female as […]

In college, hangovers become annoying roommates; something we’ve all just have learned to live with. They’re an unhelpful reminder that all good things come with consequences. Make water your wingman Between the rush of getting ready, pre-gaming, getting a Lyft, and finally hitting it on the dancefloor, remember to pace yourself in the drink department. […]