A totally practical five step plan to keep your house warm this winter Do you feel a deep, encompassing coldness emanating from your solar plexus, leaving you numb, blurring your days into a grey-washed month? Do you sit in a state of panic beside your thermostat, knowing you could end it all with a (very […]

Holiday Drinking

Here to help you ease the pain Let’s face it: not everybody loves the holidays. In fact, for some it’s the worst time of the year. But have no fear: the alcohol recipes are here! Celebrate with these delicious (21 and up only) drinks to make your holiday season just a little less terrible.   […]

It’s time to celebrate the laziness of winter. You can finally ditch the running shoes and stay in shape the Michigan-winter way! It’s winter and you know what that means. A snowflake drifts daintily onto the tip of your nose. Your cheeks are as red as the leaves that just covered the ground (where did […]

Commuting in the snow is hard! Here are some winter woes from other Spartans to make your own falls feel less embarrassing Traveling across a 5,200-acre campus and navigating through 50,000-plus bodies is a challenge in itself. Adding wind, snow and ice to the mix can make the necessary trek even more tolling. Whether you […]

Black Friday Is Back

Like a biblical swarm of locusts, Black Friday has come to blot out the sun and wreak havoc upon the greater East Lansing area once again. While some may be inclined to relax, jamming their faces full of turkey while watching television, others don the uniform of a true patriot: a fanny pack rippling at […]