Creative writing often serves as an outlet of expression. Many authors use fiction, poetry and nonfiction alike to explore their imaginations, their world and even their interior selves. The act of writing can be a powerful tool of retelling and reclaiming narratives, of remembering stories and of creating pieces that entertain and enact social change. […]

If you’re an avid fan of Instagram and Pinterest, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve come across a picture or two of a Bullet Journal; a notebook filled with lists, doodles and calendars, all arranged and designed in a beautiful way. Unless you’ve already become aware of the organizational cocaine that is Bullet Journaling, […]

Slather fake blood onto your lips and get in “The Little Vampire” mood. Transform yourself with makeup and became a ravenous zombie. Wear your finest clown costume and spiked teeth and become everyone’s new nightmare. There are many ways to spook your way into Halloween, but before you go startling drunk college students with your […]

If you were a freshman in 2014, your first party was probably the one that someone got stabbed at. Legendary. Alcohol probably did us all a favor by making us forget half of the crazy nights of freshmen year, but some people remember their first parties like they were yesterday. Here are the stories of […]

Anyone who’s ever played on a sports team knows how close teammates can become over the course of a season. The group begins to feel like family. On the MSU football team this year, that comradery is especially true for six athletes – three sets of brothers. The Panasiuks, the Dowells, and the Allens are […]