When I pitched my idea for this blog to class, I got quite the reaction. People passionately agreed, senior year breakup szn is a thing. All of my friends in relationships (myself included) except for a very small handful, broke up with their significant other even though the relationship seemed to be going swimmingly from […]

Homesickness sucks, plain and simple. As much as college students want to avoid feeling homesick, there’s no way to avoid it.    Freshman year is tough. You have to adjust to living on your own for the first time and managing your time between the party scene and studying for classes. On top of this, […]

Working in retail, namely clothing stores, while being in college full-time is difficult. Whether it’s rushing home to finish up a paper due at midnight after working late, or the days you get called in and have to cancel plans with friends or family, I’m here to share a little of my experience of working […]

A few weeks ago, I was on the 33 bus on my way back from class, taking the long way around to spend more time in the air conditioning. The bus pulled back into the station, and we were about to start the loop of the route that goes past my dorm when the bus […]

PSA… PSA… October 6-12 is Mental Health Week    Mental Health is the problem you can’t see, so some people tend to push it aside. We need to end that now. Mental health is becoming a bigger issue. More and more people are being affected by it and no one is talking about it. This […]